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 Curriculum vitae

Prof. Yovani Marrero Ponce BSc, MSc, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
Drug Discovery and Molecular Design, Chem-Bio-Informatic, Chemometric, Molecular Modelling, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry Specialist

Mailing Address

Unit of Computer-Aided Molecular “Biosilico” Discovery and Bioinformatic Research (CAMD-BIR Unit), Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Chemistry-Pharmacy and Department of Drug Design, Chemical Bioactive Center. Central University of Las Villas, Santa Clara, 54830, Villa Clara, Cuba.

Contact Information

Fax: 53-42-281130 (Cuba) or 34.963543576 (València)

Phone: 53-42-281192 (Cuba) or 34.963544431 (València)

e-mails: ymarrero77@yahoo.es

URL: http://www.uv.es/yoma/


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc): Pharmaceutical Sciences, Central University of Las Villas, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba, 7/01.

Golden Award for Academia Results, 7/01.

Master of Science (M.Sc): Biochemistry, Medical University “Dr. Serafin Ruiz de Zarate Ruiz”, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba. 1/02-2/04.

Philosophical Doctor (Ph.D): Chemical Sciences, Havana University, Havana City, Cuba. 7/05.



Teaching main interests: My current teaching interests include the organic, bioorganic, pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry as well as “rational” drug design. More recently, I am also interested in the teaching of the molecular pharmacology and biochemistry.

Research main interests: My current research interests are in the area of drug discovery, specifically the development of new computational methods for chem-bio-informatics investigations. In this sense, I’m also interested in the development of novel molecular and macromolecular (proteins and nucleic acids) descriptors for using in the development of QSPR/QSAR, “rational” (computer-aided) drug design, characterization of molecular similarity, computational (virtual and in silico) screening, proteins and nucleic acids classification, macromolecule-drug interactions, folding degree description, and early pharmacokinetics and toxicity prediction. More recently, I am also interested in comparative modelling, and docking and scoring. These research areas (plus QSAR/QSPR) are powerful when used individually, but their true power is exploited when they are used together to provide a complete story of the interaction of a ligand with its receptor.


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Head of Unit of Computer-Aided Molecular “Biosilico” Discovery and Bioinformatic Research (CAMD-BIR Unit) and guest research at: Institut Universitari de Ciencia Molecular. Universitat de Valencia, Spain.