State Board & Elections




Sam Ingalls

Mandeville High

Lt. Governor

Elise Ferrer

Mandeville High

Secretary of State

Conner Bueche

Catholic High

President of the Senate

Evan Ashy

Catholic High

President Pro Tempore

Ashton Wright

Helen Cox

Senate Floor Leader

Lindsay Edwards

Mandeville High

Senate Floor Leader

Ellen Gimber

C.E. Byrd

Speaker of the House

William Bridger


Speaker Pro Tempore

Sydney Hodgeson

St. Jospeh's Academy

House Floor Leader

Kendall Byram

C.E. Byrd

House Floor Leader

McKenzie Elliott

Mandeville High

Supreme Court Chief Justice

Ce'Ne Harris

Helen Cox

Paper Press Editor

Ashton Avery

Mandeville High

Video Press Editor

Jasmine Brown



Each district will have the option of electing one (1) candidate for the state offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House and Senate President at its Pre-LEG training session.  The candidates selected at the Pre-LEG session will run against each other for the aforementioned state offices at Youth Legislature.  Those elected will serve in their official capacities during the next year’s session of Youth Legislature.



Governor's Race:

1st place- Louisiana Youth Legislature Governor


Lt. Governor’s Race:

1st place – Louisiana Youth Legislature Lt. Governor

2nd place - Deputy Lt. Governor


House Speaker and Senate President Races:

1st place- Speaker of the House or Senate President

2nd place- Speaker Pro-Tem or President Pro-Tem

3rd & 4th place- House Floor Leader or Senate Floor Leader


Supreme Court Chief Justice

Paper Press Editor

Video Press Editor


Secretary of State –appointment by Advisory Committee through an application process (applications due at conference)





At Pre-LEG, each Y&G club may cast two votes for the candidate(s) of its choice. (The votes may be for the same candidates or split for two different ones.)

Each delegation will be allowed to select one representative to cast their club's votes.  This representative must meet with the delegation prior to voting and must vote for the candidate or candidates selected by the delegation.



Voting booths from the Registrar of Voters Office will be used for individuals to cast their ballots at the Youth Legislature conference for the election of the Governor, Lt. Governor, President of the Senate and Speaker of the House. President of the Senate and Speaker of the House are determined through popular vote in respective chambers. 


Votes for Governor and Lt. Governor will be grouped by district, with each candidate receiving a percentage of the district’s votes. All district percentages of each candidate will be added and the winner of each election will be determined by greatest percent of votes. In the case of a tie, we will have a run-off between the top two candidates for that position.

Supreme Court Chief Justice, Paper Press Editor and Video Press Editor are elected within their respective chambers through popular vote. All candidates for these positions must fill out an intent to run form at the conference. Elections occur Saturday morning in their individual chambers. 

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Jan 10, 2010, 9:15 AM