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Hello. You are very welcome to the Cobh YMCA website. My name is James Bilson and I am the General Secretary of this branch of the YMCA. I also coordinate the STEP training course. YMCA is a fantastic organisation to work for and here in Cobh we have a really vibrant and exciting set of programmes. Working with young people who have so much potential, and getting to see them achieve their potential is the most rewarding aspect of my job. There is never a dull moment! The team of staff and volunteers who help the centre achieve the successes we get year after year are the reason for this and they are all here to introduce themselves>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
So, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to make any query relating to the services we provide.
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Hi Im Gemma Turner.  I’m employed by the YMCA  as Cobh Community Drugs Worker and I’m based in the Cobh Office.  I’ve been working in Cobh since November 2006 and I must say I love my job.  I work primarily with young people and their families on all issues regarding drug and alcohol use. I work on a one: one basis and I also do home visits.  I work with people whose lives are affected by drug and alcohol use from experimentation to addiction.  It’s an honour to be welcomed into individuals lives at a time when they are vulnerable and I don’t take the responsibility lightly.  When my job is good its great and when its hard it’s very hard but there’s nothing else I’d rather do to be honest. 



Hi. My name is Maria Vickers and I am the children’s worker here at the YMCA, working on PAKT. I have been working here for two years now and I LOVE my job!  It is such a privilege to work with all the PAKT kids and parents and we have great fun at the kids clubs every week where we do lots of different activities such as arts and crafts, cookery, drama and games.  I also feel blessed to work with such nice people here at the YMCA, we really have a great team here and there’s always lots going on.  It is certainly never boring!


My name is Hulda and I am delighted to be working at the Cobh YMCA. I am working at the Youth Information desk. I also work with the PAKT programme (Parents and Kids Together) as well as the STEP Trainees. It is great to be part of such a dynamic team who are working with and supporting young people. Call in and avail of our free and confidential services.



Hi - My name is Kate,  I am ECDL Co-ordinator/ Tutor in the YMCA.   
If you want to know more about the ECDL, please cross over my bridge and come and ask me! 

Hi I'm Tricia (Collins) and I've worked for Cobh YMCA for the past 10 years (gulp!!!) though it doesn't seem that long least most of the time! During that time I've worked in a variety of roles within Cobh but I currently work part time as the Co ordinator of the PAKT (Parents and kids together) programme. Its not all admin though as I also organise activities for families and parents. Its been great being involved with PAKT down through the years, working with some amazing people and being a part of creating lots of fun memories for the families involved. We have a lot of laughs in the office too so its not all hard work. If you want to know anything more about PAKT please don't hesitate to contact myself or any of the PAKT team (Maria, Hulda or Laura). 

Hi, my name is Laura Reidy

I work with the PAKT programme here @ the Cobh YMCA.  I am delighted to be working with such a great team and I'm enjoying all the fun at the kids clubs:-)