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English Presentations: 

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2005). Identifying effective factors on the level of information visibility for end users on the web environment, Doctoral Forum ISSI 2005 (10th International Conference of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informatics). Stockholm, Sweden, Sunday 24 July 2005.

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2005). Enhancement of Information Seeking Efficiency in the Electronic Resources. 13th Iranian Researchers Conference in Europe. The University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, Saturday 2nd July 2005.

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2005). Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Human Information Seeking Behaviours. The Annual Interdisciplinary Conference for Postgraduate Students in the Social Sciences and Humanities, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Thursday 7th April 2005.

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2005). Applicability of Qualitative Research in Life Science Studies, Sheffield, Graduate Biomedical Society meeting, 25/02/2005

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2004). Searching the Invisible Web: An Empirical Study of Users’ Interactive Searching Behaviour in the Opaque Side of the Web Environment. The 18th British HCI Group Annual Conference in Leeds Metropolitan University, UK 6-10 September. Presentations Slides.

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2004). End Users’ Perceptions of the Invisible Web and their Conceptualization of Information Retrieval Failure on the Web. Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Wednesday, 20th October 2004.

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2004). What is the Invisible Web? The Annual Interdisciplinary Conference for Postgraduate Students in the Social Sciences and the Arts, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK, Thursday 22 April 2004.

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2003). Towards a Model of User-oriented Aspects of the Invisible Web. Presented at the University of Sheffield, Department of Information Studies, on Monday 8th December 2003. 

Persian Presentations: 

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2004). Different Aspects of the Invisible Web. Presented at Iranian Library & Information Science Association Conference January 2004: Library Websites: Design and Evaluation). Tehran: The University of Tehran, 14 January 2004. (The Presentation’s Slides)

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2004). The Invisible Web. Presented at the Seminar of Khorasan Branch of the Iranian Library & Information Science Association. Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, 8 January 2004. (The Presentation’s Slides)

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2002). Digital Libraries: A Review of Opportunities & Challenges. Presented in The Sixth Conference of Iranian Management & Planning Organization's Librarians. Yazd. February 2002.

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2001), New Information Technology and It's Role in Cultural Development. First International Conference of the Information Services and Cultural Development. Tehran January 2001. 

¨ Mansourian, Y. (2001). A Review of the Librarians' Role in Digital Libraries. Presented in the Third Seminar of Alzahra University Entitled from Traditional Libraries to Digital Libraries. Tehran. March 2001.

¨ Mansourian, Y. (1999). Rose System Network (Rose-net): New Policy for Access to Scientific Information. First Seminar of Ferdowsi University Librarians, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, May 1999. 


¨ Mansourian, Y.; Ford N.; Webber, S. (2005), “How people search the Internet: success and failure on the online world, Poster Presentation at the Annual Poster Competition of the UK GRAD Programme, 26th May 2005, University of Leeds, Leeds.

¨ Mansourian, Y.; Ford N.; Webber, S. (2005), Failure Ontologies: Conceptualizing Unsuccessful Searches (FOCUS). Poster Presentation at Promoting Information Literacy for Information and Computer Sciences, 8th June 2005, University College Worcester. Worcester, UK.