Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research, S.E.R

Title: A World Vision to Eradicate Extreme Poverty

Art form and Artist: Bronze statue by Uwe Brecht

Description: The developing path of mankind, symbolized in the form of a spiral, reaching from the past, where there is the origin of the idea of sharing, to the present, that means the children of the World, taking this indispensable virtue of sharing the resources and sharing them in peace and justice, so that everyone has enough for living and with that, building a new World of Peace, symbolized by the Dove of Peace on “Mother Earth” in the middle. St. Martin was a rich man who shared his wealth with the poor in humility and dignity. Uwe Brecht shows the poor as children of the world, children of all continents, each with one element of nature, which is necessary for living, like water, bread/food, air, sun/climate and tree for nature in general, and in the other hand the shared value/wealth of St. Martin, connecting them all, as children are most vulnerable and ready to esteem nature and its treasures (clear water and air, food, a.s.o) without possessiveness. They are the future. The idea is that if everybody, who has enough, shares his wealth with those, who need help, there will be peace on earth, as extreme poverty will be eradicated then. This also relates to the idea of the “Ethical Reconciliation Plan” of the Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research S.E.R.

Physical Description of the Statue: The bronze statue, standing on a marble plinth, is a model for a life-size sculpture with a well/water running along the spiral and around the World of Peace. The model measures in height 0.35m, width 0.7m, and depth 0.48m.

About the Artist:Uwe Brecht, born in 1958 in Berlin, Germany, has been foundation member from the very beginning of the Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research S.E.R. in 1996, by that time called S.E.R. Joint Foundation Germany.