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Green Theory & Theology

Stop into the library and check these out:

Christian Ecological Theology/Spirituality

 The body of God : an ecological theology

by Sallie McFague

 Finding God in the singing river :

Christianity, spirit, nature

by Mark I. Wallace

 Caring for creation :

responsible stewardship of God's handiwork

Calvin B. DeWitt (ed.)

 The care of the earth

by Joseph Sittler

 Ecology at the heart of faith

by Denis Edwards

What are they saying about environmental theology?

By John Hart


Edited by Elaine Wainwright, Luiz-Carlos Susin, and Felix Wilfred

Environmental stewardship : critical perspectives, past and present

edited by R.J. Berry

Ecologies of grace : environmental ethics and Christian theology

by Willis Jenkins

Religion and the new ecology : environmental responsibility in a world in flux

edited by David M. Lodge & Christopher Hamlin

Ravished by beauty : the surprising legacy of Reformed spirituality

by Belden C. Lane

Christianity and Climate Change:

The future of ethics : sustainability, social justice, and religious creativity

by Willis Jenkins

A moral climate : the ethics of global warming
by Michael S. Northcutt 

A new climate for theology : God, the world, and global warming
by Sallie McFague 
Wind, Sun, Soil, Spirit: Biblical Ethics and Climate Change 

by Carl. S. Robb

Ask the beasts : Darwin and the god of love

by Elizabeth A. Johnson

Biblical Resources for Green Living

The Green Bible 
Stephen B. Scharper and Hillary Cunningham, eds.


Earth-Wise: A Biblical Response to Environmental Issues
by Calvin B. DeWitt


The earth is the Lord's : the Bible, ecology, and worship
by Dianne Bergant


The green Psalter : resources for an ecological spirituality
by Arthur Walker-Jones

The Bible and the environment : towards a critical ecological biblical theology
by David G. Horrell

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World Religions and Ecological Spirituality


Ecology and religion : ecological spirituality in cross-cultural perspective
by David Kinsley


Women healing earth : Third World women on ecology, feminism, and religion

by Rosemary Ruether, ed.


Worldly wonder : religions enter their ecological phase

by Mary Evelyn Tucker


Islam and ecology : a bestowed trust

Richard. C. Foltz, Frederick M. Denny and Azizah Baharuddin, eds.


Judaism and ecology : created world and revealed word

Hava Tirosh-Sameulson, ed.


Buddhism and ecology : the interconnection of dharma and deeds

Mary Evelyn Tucker and Duncan Ryucken Williams, eds.

Dharma and ecology of Hindu communities : sustenance and sustainability

by Pankaj Jain