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Community Greening


F-M Area Transit
Unlimited free rides for area college students with the U-Pass

F-M Metropolitan Bikeway Map
A printable map which includes local rules of the road for bicyclists

Metropolitan Transit Plan 2012-2016
Areawide Transit Planning Activities include implementing provisions of the Metro Transit Plan, and transit and technical assistance coordination regarding specific transit needs and issues.

F-M Community Bicycle Workshop
"We’re an all volunteer operation, turning rescued bikes into stylish, ride-able, green machines for folks to get from points A to points B reliably and safely – without a drop of fossil fuel (even the grease we use is Soy-based!)."

Bicycle Shops
There are several shops in town that sell and repair bikes


Natural & Organic Foods
Where to shop

F-M Community Farmers Market
Local foods grown my community farmers

Let's Eat Local
Let's Eat Local! is part of the Cass Clay Food Systems Initiative (CCFSI), which was started with the purpose to impact all levels of our community food system to assure that residents have access to safe, nutritious, and affordable foods.

Fargo-Moorhead Vegetarians and Vegans
"Are you vegetarian? Vegan? Just curious about exploring a healthier lifestyle?
You're welcome at FM Veg!"

Finds recycling centers for household items.

"ecofreek search engine aggregates and searches websites and libraries for free, swap trade, and garage sale/estate sale(s) items"

Local Dirt
A database that helps you find fresh food grown in your area (this database allows you to search by address, so it will work all over the U.S., and it allows you to input the number of miles you are willing to travel to get the food). 


F-M Recycling Opportunities
A list of different businesses which handle many types of recycling

Area Thrift Stores
Shop for or drop-off gently-used items

Recycling Electronics
Local opportunities and tips

Paint & Chemicals
Recycle your partially used cans of paint or paint thinner