What will my child be doing?

From the conference, your child will learn the fundamentals of how to be a good leader and apply this to Asian and Pacific Islander health. We will have sessions on networking, resume writing, marketing, and business among many other topics; last year we had a variety of speakers come in to talk about their experiences as well as Dr. So from Stanford Hospital who spoke of his passionate fight against hepatitis B. Your child will then have the opportunity to take what he or she learned and apply it to a Team Challenge which will be presented to the rest of the attendees and parents at the conclusion of the conference. Aside from the learning, there are lots of fun activities planned for the kids to mingle and all-together have a great time. For more detailed information, please click Overview of Events to view a tentative conference schedule.

What grades is this conference open to?

The Youth Leadership Conference is open to all students entering or just graduating high school. Therefore, you should either be starting high school in the same year of the conference, or have just graduated from high school, or anywhere in between.

How much does the conference cost?

$375, not including travel expenses. Please contact Sharon Yao for details regarding financial aid eligibility.

How many students attend the conference?

About 100 students attend the conference a year from all over the world.

Who takes care of my child?

We have a group of Team Leaders (interns from top colleges including Stanford, Cornell, and Berkeley) who will provide mentorship and 24/7 supervision for the duration of your child’s stay. Among them we have additional Assistant Team Leaders as well as Asian Liver Center (Stanford University) staff to provide additional oversight.

Where will my child be staying?

All students will be housed in Stanford undergraduate dorms; generally 2 per room. Students of opposite genders will be living in separate buildings. All conference activities will take place within walking distance on the Stanford University campus. Please check back for more detailed travel and housing logistics once your child has been accepted.

What will my child eat?

Dining will be provided in Stanford University dining halls; buffet style. Please check back for more detailed travel and housing logistics once your child has been accepted.

What if my child gets sick?

We will be sure to notify you if this should happen and take the proper steps to nurture him or her back to health. In the event of an emergency, your child will be admitted to Stanford Hospital emergency room.

What if my child has certain food allergies or other dietary restrictions?

We will be sure to make accommodations on his or her behalf. Please notify the Asian Liver Center Staff at ylc@teamhbv.org and on the application if this should be the case.

What airport should we fly into?

SFO (San Francisco), SJC (San Jose), and OAK (Oakland) are the closest. From there your child will need to take a taxi or the Super Shuttle to Stanford. We are unable to provide supervision prior to and after official check-in and check-out time. Please check back for more detailed travel and housing logistics once your child has been accepted.

What should my child bring?

This will all be covered shortly. Please check back after your child has been accepted.

Who can I ask to write my letter of recommendation?

Anyone who can speak to your creativity or interest in health issues. This can be a teacher, counselor, work or volunteer supervisor, etc. as long as they are not related to you and are an adult.

Is this only open to Asians and Pacific Islanders?

No. We welcome all! The only requirement is an interest in Asian and Pacific Islander health. An interest in fighting injustices and making the world is even better!

Can international students apply?

Yes, we love to promote international relations among our youth. Keep in mind that the Asian Liver Center will not be able to provide assistance with visas, travel, etc. International students are responsible for all required documentation and travel expenses. 

How can I become an ATL?

Email hsboard@teamhbv.org with "2015 YLC ATL Interest" as the subject line to be added on the ATL interest list. In around May/June, the Team HBV High School Board will send out an application.

How can I become TL?

Email ylc@teamhbv.org with "2015 YLC TL Interest" as the subject line to be included in the TL interest list. TLs should ideally have prior Team HBV knowledge.

May I pay by credit card?

No. We currently do not have a system set up to accept payment by credit card.

How many checks should I send if I have more than one child applying?

Send one check per applicant.

If you have any further questions, please contact Sharon Yao at sharon.yao@stanford.edu.