Welcome to YkB Lifestyle


    Remember back in the day when your momma gave you milk and cookies for a snack?
Well that's good and all, but we're betting that you've grown up and so have your tastes.

    That's why we'd like to introduce YkB, the newest in eclectic gourmet snack dining experience.
Be on the lookout for new menu items. We are constantly letting our creative juices flow.

    Witness the marvel of our ESP skills in the Living Room to see answers to anticipated questions
you might have, or
 hit us up in the event that our extra sensory powers were off.

    If we have whet your appetite, we encourage you to join us in the Family Room to learn more about
who we are. Or maybe you don't want to take our word for it. See
what others are saying about us.

    Remember. YkB. It's not a restaurant. It's a lifestyle. We are food remixed.