This website is an archive that includes links to all years Y.J. made props for Spirit Halloween/Spencer Gifts. You may click on a year in the navigation bar above to see all of the props made in that year.

This site has images and descriptions for every decoration they have made from 2007 on, and videos for decorations from 2010 on. (Note: I could never get the Crawling Zombie to work when he was available, so I do not have a video of him.) The least props they have made in a year is 2 in 2007 and the most is 11 in 2019. Their products are usually priced from $14.99 (Pumpkin Bag) to $249.99 (Mad Scientist).

NOTE: Search for a prop under the year it was originally released. Any props that were re-released in a given year are not included under that year.


    (NOTE: This is not my video. Credit goes to Y.J. Toys and Crafts for creating this video.) Start at 0:04 to see two Spirit Exclusive animatronics; the Chinup Zombie and Mad Scientist.

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