I am a senior engineer in Samsung Electronics, South Korea.

I received the Ph.D in Department of Electrical EngineeringPohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in Aug.2014. I was doing with my advisor Prof. Joon Ho Cho. I received the B.S. degree in electronic and electrical engineering from POSTECH, Pohang, Korea, in 2006. 
:: Contact Information ::
e-mail: jeongho7.yeo [at] gmail.com

Ph.D, Dep. Electronic and Electrical Engineering, POSTECH, Aug. 2014
B.S.,Dep. Electronic and Electrical Engineering, POSTECH, 16 Aug. 2006

[Ideal Attributes of Graduate Students]
Honesty & Integrity, Dedication/Passion, Self-Motivation, Hardworking, Perseverance, Innovative, Independent Thinking, Communication Skills, Excel under Pressure & Ambiguity, Confident, Constructive, Proactive, Responsive & Responsible, Unselfish, Self-control, Open to criticism, Learn from mistakes and failures, Team player, Interdisciplinary, Multi-tasking, Leadership, Vision
[Ideal Attributes of Faculty Members]
Outstanding Scholarship(학문적 역량), Personal and Professional Integrity, Excellent Teacher, Leadership, High Energy, Vision, Strive for excellence, Communication skills, able to make difficult decisions, Team Builder, Patience, Sensitivity, Humility, Selflessness, Confidence, Open-minded and open to criticism, Self-motivated and Tenacious, Multi-tasking and multi-level, insightful, able to see a big picture, planning:stratagic, financial, ..., Good recruiter, Cheerleader and supporter for former students, grantsmanship, Business/Industry relations, Press relations
Nov. 8th, 2011, from Yongmin Kim, President of POSTECH