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What's New?

Congratulations to my advisee, Marc-Antoine Rondeau, for a successful PhD thesis defence on November 23, 2016! Well done, Dr Rondeau!

I have joined Apple Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, working on Siri since November, 2015.

Check out our Interspeech '16 paper and poster!

Check out our ASRU '15 paper and poster!

Check out my pet project SRILM Python Binding!

Check out our ICASSP '15 paper and poster!

Check out my ICASSP '11 paper and poster!

Check out our ICASSP '10 paper!

Check out our EMNLP '09 paper!

I have joined Nuance Communications, Inc. in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as a Senior Research Scientist since Feburary, 2009. Check out my resume on the left for updated contact.

Check out my dissertation (hyperref or regular) and slides!

Introducing the first release of the Random Forest Language Model Toolkit!

Check out the bilingual pdf version of the "Analects of Confucius", translated by James Legge and typeset by me. Many thanks to Project Gutenberg for the original plain text version!

I defended on March 9, 2009! (I will post my thesis and slides soon.)

Check out the finale of my Eurotrip: Part Deux of Bruxelles!

Check out our Speech Prosody '08 paper and poster.

Check out our ASRU '07 paper and poster.

Check out our Interspeech '07 paper and slides.

Don't miss the travelog of my amazing Eurotrip! Start from the Prelude or Table of Content. This is a work in progress so check back from time to time for updates!

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Who am I?

I am a computer scientist (BS'00, Tsinghua)-turned electrical engineer (MSE'04, PhD'09, Johns Hopkins), an ex-Renju player (2nd place, Division A, Tsinghua Cup'01), an unsuccessful soccer player (striker-on-the-bench, Class J65, Tsinghua'96-'00) and an enthusiast for food (eater since '79), movies (watcher since '84), music (concert-goer since '03), art (museum-hopper since '02), tennis (struggling player since '98; spectator, US Open'06) and travel (backpacker since '99).

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OK, Who *really* am I?

I am a *beep*-th-year graduate student in CLSP, working with Prof. Fred Jelinek on language modeling for automatic speech recognition (try mac or pc) and/or statistical machine translation (try google or babel fish). I have also worked on acoustic modeling and information retrieval briefly. In general, I am interested in statistical modeling of human intelligence as exemplified in the use of language and speech.

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What language(s) do I speak/read?

I am a native speaker of Southwestern Mandarin, more specifically Sichuan Dialect (Mianyang Accent; Chongqing Accent before 7). Since college, I speak Mandarin (Beijing Accent). After coming to US, I speak American English (Chinese Accent). I can also understand some Cantonese (Hong Kong Accent) and read Classical Chinese.

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One more thing...

Many thanks to harpold for creating this beautiful template!

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