Yishai Cohen

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Liberal Studies at the University of Southern MaineI received my Ph.D. from Syracuse University, and did my undergraduate work in philosophy at Southern Methodist University

My areas of interest include the philosophy of agency, ethics, metaphysics, and the philosophy of religion

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My dissertation, "Incompatibilist Alternative Possibilities", concerns the metaphysics of free will. In the first half of the dissertation, I defend leeway incompatibilism: the view that moral responsibility requires the ability to do otherwise, and that the possession of this ability is incompatible with the truth of causal determinism. In the second half, I investigate the nature of manipulation, deliberation, and Molinist counterfactuals of freedom through the lens of leeway incompatibilism.


Deliberating in the Presence of Manipulation

An Analysis of Recent Empirical Data on ‘Ought’ Implies ‘Can’

Atonement’s Axiological Boundaries

Moral Obligations: Actualist, Possibilist, or Hybridist? (with Travis Timmerman)

Counterfactuals of Divine Freedom

Leeway Compatibilism and Frankfurt‐Style Cases

Endless Future: A Persistent Thorn in the Kalām Cosmological Argument

Reasons-Responsiveness and Time Travel

Agential Settling Requires a Conscious Intention

Molinists (Still) Cannot Endorse the Consequence Argument

The Manipulation Argument, At the Very Least, Undermines Classical Compatibilism

Don’t Count on Taurek: Vindicating the Case for the Numbers Counting

Skeptical Theism and the Threshold Problem