Beginning of Year Checklist for Appraisers and Staff

Appraiser Checklist:

1. Navigate to PDAS Management, ensure all teachers/staff are on your list. (if not, refer to Staff Checklist)

2. Click each person you are appraising and choose evaluation method (this assigns you as the appraiser)

3. Create individual evaluation forms for each staff member using an Alternative appraisal (otherwise they will not have access to complete their goals)

4. Choose walkthrough templates - PDAS Management > My Templates Tab > Click list of templates > Place check mark in box next to template > Choose as many as you need

Instructions to Select Walkthrough Template(s)

Often Asked By Appraisers:
Q: I do not see an employee in my walkthrough list?
A: Be sure you are in PDAS Management & not looking at the walkthrough list only. The employee must have an appraiser to be visible in the walkthrough list

Q: My staff member is not in my walkthrough list or my PDAS Management list?

Ask the staff member to go to his/her profile and choose the appropriate campus/dept. He/she must check the new location and UNCHECK the old location. If he/she is new then he/she must login for the first time to create a profile

Q: My staff member cannot sign his/her observation/evaluation?

A: Ask him/her to go into their profile and re-do their security question. This can be done at any time

Q: Are the employee and staff member required to sign Observations/Evaluations on the same computer?

While it is necessary to meet with your staff to discuss their evaluation, it is NOT necessary for you to sign the documents on the same computer

Teacher/Librarian/Staff Checklist:

1. If you are new to the district, login to Eduphoria to create your account (Use your district username and password)

Access Eduphoria at http://eduphoria.yisd.net

2. If you are NOT a new employee, login to Eduphoria, click My Profile and update your information (if you moved to a new campus check the new campus and UNCHECK the old campus)

3. Once your profile is updated check to see if you see the PDAS icon, if you do not ask your appraiser to assign himself/herself to you

Often Asked By Teachers/Librarians/Staff:
Q: I do not see the PDAS icon?

A: You do not have an appraiser assigned to you.
Q: I don't have any Goals to fill in?

A: Your appraiser has not created your Alternative appraisal yet. Until it is created you will not be able to complete your goals

Q: I cannot remember the answer to my security question to sign my Observation/Evaluation?

A: Go into your profile and re-do your security question and answer. This can be done at anytime
Q: I have tried to login to Eduphoria for the first time but it will not let me in?

A: If you are brand new you must wait until your YISD username and password are created by TIS. If you still cannot access Eduphoria after a week or so call Instructional Technology (ext. 40683)
 Q: I cannot complete my Teacher Self-Report because there are no objectives available for me to choose from or they are for a grade/subject I no longer teach?

A: PDAS is associated with Forethought and since we no longer use it no new schedules are created. You can go into Forethought and create a new schedule and then you will be able to see the objectives you need.

Instructions To Create A New Schedule