Personal Information

I am Yusuke Iida, who is an associate contract at Kwansei University from 2016 April.

I spent my undergraduate period in the course of Earth and Planetary Science (EPS) at University of Tokyo. After the graduation, I went on to the Ph.D. course in Space and Planetary Science group of EPS and got the Ph.D. (Science) in 2012. The investigation of my Ph.D. is about magnetic structure on the solar surface. Then I moved to ISAS/JAXA as a Ph.D. fellow of Hinode group at 2013 and as an associate contract of Kwansei Gakuin University at 2016.

My main topic is "magnetic field" at the Sun. More concrete research theme are
  • How can we explain its cyclic variation?
  • What flow structures exist on the solar surface?
  • How are Coronal Holes formed?

I am analyzing both observation data and numerical simulation data to answer these questions.

The analysis of magnetic field on the Sun needs to be done in the statistical way from its nature. So I think that auto-tracking method of certain feature is inevitably important and the present days, when huge amount of observational and numerical calculation data are available, is also suitable to do such an investigation.

I am also interested in Hanle effect, a new practical tool for the investigation of magnetic field, and also in the magnetic field of the universe recently.

Prospective Meetings & Events

 May   4th           Python Camp 2019 @ KG University
 May 18th           Python Camp 2019 @ KG University
 May 25th - 30th JpGU2018 @ Makuhari Messe / Chiba
 July   4th - 5th    ISSI Astrobigdata Meeting @ Bern
 Aug. ??th - ??th Collaborative Stay?
 Sep. 2nd - 6th    Hinode13th @ Univ. of Tokyo
 Sep. 11th -13th  ASJ Fall meeting @ Kumamoto Univ.
 Sep. 17th -19th  Solar Feature Recognition @ Mitaka or KGU?
 Oct.  10th - 12th PSTEP Meeting @ Yokohama 
 Dec. ??th - ??th AGU Fall meeting @ Washington DC
 Mar. 16th - 19th ASJ Spring meeting @ Tsukuba Univ.