Yiran (Lola) Li

Hello everyone! Welcome to my webpage!!!!

Yiran (Lola) Li
M.S. Electrical Engineering & M.E. Healthcare Engineering
Phone: (806)-790-7435
Email: liyiran0704@gmail.com; yiran.li@ttu.edu

My name is Yiran (Lola) Li. I got my bachelor degree from Southern Medical University in China in 2009. Then I came to United States to pursue my Master degrees.  Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Master of Engineering degree in Healthcare Engineering at Texas Tech University . My I am doing my thesis in Electrical Engineering under Dr.Changzhi Li. Hopefully, I will graduate in the coming May (a little exciting about that :D)!

My Project

During my pursuit of Master degree in Electrical Engineering. I am working on analog IC design of a temperature sensor front-end project.  A semi Semi-configurable temperature sensor front-end using Schottky diode array (The picture shows below) was fabricated in AMI0p5 process. It is being test now.

Journal paper

[1] Yiran Li, Li Lu, Scott T Block, Changzhi Li, “Temperature Characteristics of Schottky Barrier Diodes for Low-Voltage Sensing Applications,” IET Electronics Letters, volume48, issue 7, p 406-408, 2012.

Conference paper

[1] Yiran Li, Scott T. Block, Li Lu, Changzhi Li, "All-CMOS Low Voltage Temperature Sensor Front-End and Bandgap Circuit Using Bulk-Driven Technology," Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Tech Conference, Austin, Tx, Sep. 2011

[2] Scott T. Block, Yiran Li, Yi Yang, Changzhi Li, “0.6-2.0 V, ALL-CMOS Temperature Sensor Front-End Using Bulk-Driven Technology,” IEEE DCAS 2010,  Dallas, TX, October 17-18, 2010. [IEEE]

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