Yipeng Zhang

PhD Candidate in Hydrology
Department of Earth and Environmental Science
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
office :MSEC 120
email:Yipeng.Zhang@student.nmt.edu or zhangyipengjd@gmail.com

Research Interest

Coupling Processes of Rock Deformation and Groundwater Flow
Induced Seismicity due to Hazardous Waste Fluid Injection 
Basin Scale Numerical Modeling
Ice Sheet and Groundwater Interaction


PhD in Groundwater Hydrology, 2017 expected

Thesis Topic: Numerical Modeling of the Coupled Processes of Subsurface Deformation and Groundwater Flow due to Ice Sheet Loading during the Last Glacial Maximum in North America

MS in Hydrology and Water Resources, New Mexico Tech, 2012 (Overall GPA: 3.92/4.0)

BS in Geology, Jilin University, 2010 (Overall GPA: 87.9/100, Major GPA: 90.4/100)

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Journal Articles

Yipeng Zhang, Stanislav S. Edel, Jeff Pepin, Mark Person, Ron Broadhead, William Stone, Susan L. Bilek, Peter Mozley and James P. Evans. Exploring the Potential Linkages Between Oil-Field Brine Reinjection, Crystalline Basement Permeability, and Triggered Seismicity for the Dagger Draw Oil Field, Southeastern New Mexico, USA, using Hydrological Modeling. (Submitted to Geofluids)

Yipeng Zhang, Mark Person, John Rupp, Kevin Ellett, Michael A. Celia Carl W. Gable, Brenda Bowen, James Evans, Karl Bandilla, Peter Mozley, Thomas Dewers, and Thomas Elliot. 2013. Hydrogeologic Controls on Induced Seismicity in Crystalline Basement Rocks Due to Fluid Injection into Basal Reservoirs. Groundwater. V. 51, No. 4: 525-538

Karl W. Bandilla, Michael A. Celia, Thomas R. Elliot, Mark Person, Kevin M. Ellet, John A. Rupp, Carl Gable, Yipeng Zhang. 2012. Modeling carbon sequestration in the Illinois Basin using a vertically-integrated approach. Computing and Visulization in Science. V. 15, pp 39-51