Current interest areas: big data analytics, indoor location and mapping technologies, distributed computation and communication architectures, embedded and cyber-physical systems, sensor and robotic networks,  social network modeling and analysis

Core Qualifications

      Principal investigator for DARPA projects

   Key technical contributor with strong skills in presentation, technical writing and programming

      Both academic and industry experience: 80+ papers and 10+ patents

  Award-winning proposals and project management skills, cross-domain and institutional research collaborations

      Self-motivated and problem-driven, independent as well as team player

      Award winning performance: best paper and excellence awards

      Journal editorials, technical program members and NSF panelist

Professional Skills

      Programming languages: used recently: C/C++, Matlab/Simulink, Java, R, EMF/XML; used in the past: Prolog, Lisp

      Operating systems: Windows, Linux, vxWorks RTOS, Tiny OS

      Embedded platforms: Berkeley motes, MPC555

      Development environments: visual C/C++, Eclipse

      User interface and graphics development: Java GUI, Matlab GUI, Java 3D

      Communication protocols: CAN, ad-hoc wireless communications

    Sensor programming: Ultrasound, UbiSense UWB, Hukoyu Laser, wheel odometry, IMU

      Simulation: Paramics microscopic traffic simulator