Curriculum Vitae (updated in 2015)

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Dr. Yingbo Li

Nationality: China


Post-doc:    École normale supérieure, France                                                            October 2014 - Now

                    Large scale image/video object detection

                    Supervisor: Auguste Genovisio

Post-doc:    INRA Jouy, France                                                                                       April 2013-October 2014

                     Image/video analysis applied on the bacteria movement

                     Supervisor: Alain Trubuil

Post-doc:    Dublin City University, Ireland                                                                    June 2012-April 2013

                     Computer vision- eye and gaze tracking.

                     Supervisor: Prof. Noel O’Connor

Research Assistant: Eurecom, France                                                                          August 2008-March  2012

                     Multimedia information retrieval

                     Supervisor: Bernard Merialdo



Telecom ParisTech/EURECOM, France (one of top telecommunication universities/institutes in Europe)

Supervisor: Bernard Merialdo

Dissertation: Automatic Construction of Multi-document Multimedia Summaries

Feb. 2012


Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea (top 1 engineering university in South Korea)

Supervisor: Ki-sang Hong

Dissertation: Real Time Detection of Moving Objects in a Rotating and Zooming Camera

Feb. 2008


Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU), China (One of Chinese top 7 universities)

Dissertation: Using MATLAB to Implement the Encoding and Decoding of the Convolution Code

July 2005


Post-doc, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS)/INSERM2014-Now

  •      Large-scale image/video analysis and object detection

Post-doc, INRA, now

  •   Image/video analysis applied on the bacteria movement: bacteria tracking and information retrieval of the bacteria motion

Post-doc, Dublin City University, 2012-2013

  •   Eye and gaze tracking for social interaction in EU FP7 REVERIE project
  •  Supervise Ph.D. student for face motion and emotion

Research Assistant, EURECOM, 2008-2012

  •  Multimedia Retrieval, video summarization and content-based video analysis. Especially the following topics: the algorithms of video summarization, the evaluation of video summary and the visualization of video summary. Finish image and video part of RPM2 Project (Multimedia, Multi-documents and Multi-opinions Summarization,, which is France national project funded by ANR (France National Research Agency).
  •  In papers 2 papers have been published in ACM Multimedia Conference (world premier multimedia conference); other papers have been published in important Multimedia conferences: MMM, CBMI and WIAMIS
  •   My most experiments are implemented in C/C++ language, and the others are based on Matlab and Script language

Research Assistant, POSTECH, 2006-2008

  •   CMOS video stabilization, fast block matching and detection of moving object in moving camera. 1 paper was published during Master time.


       1.         Livespin, French national project, 2014-

       2.         Greenswimmers, French national project, 2013-2014

3.         REVERIE(REal and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments), EU FP7 project, 2012-2013

4.         RPM2 (Multimedia, Multi-documents and Multi-opinions Summarization), French national project, 2008-2012

5.         CMOS Video Stabilization, Korean Samsung SDI, 2006-2007


l  2008-2012: Teaching assistant, Intelligent Systems, Eurecom

l  2008-2012: Teaching assistant, Multimedia Information Retrieval, Eurecom

l  2006: Teaching assistant, Image Processing, Pohang University of Sci&Tech

l  2006: Teaching assistant, Computer vision, Pohang University of Sci&Tech, one semester.


1. Qiguang Song, Master, Eurecom. Semester project – Video sense. Co-supervision with professor. Advertisement system optimized by video similarity is an important application of video analysis.

2. Thibault VILON, Master, Eurecom. Master project – TV personalize news. Full supervision with professor. Video suggestion system can be improved by the profile of the user.

3. Haolin Wei, Ph.D. student, Dublin City University.  Co-supervision for his research on face motion and emotion. Currently the research of the face by the cheap 3D device -Microsoft Kinect is still open


  • Invited reviewer of: IEEE Transactions of Multimedia, IEEE Transactions on Image ProcessingImaging Science Journal, the book TV Content Analysis, ACM Multimedia conference,International Conference on Multimedia Modeling, International workshop on Content-based Multimedia Indexing, IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications, Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia and so on

  •        Member of Technical program committee: International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Communications and NetworksInternational Conference on Image Processing


English: studying and working language in the past 8 years since Master

Chinese: native speaker; Korean: beginner; French: intermediate

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