International Laboratory with Pablo Ibarluzea: 
(Possibility of taking individual weeks)
BILBAO (Basque Country)

for those taking the 6 weeks
(LIMITED places)

  • 1st Week   Physical Theatre & Game
  • 2nd Week   Neutral Mask (Silence and Action)
  • 3rd Week   Larvae Masks and Dramatic space study
  • 4th Week   Full expressive masks (Building characters)
  • 5th Week   Half Masks: Commedia & Bali (Emotions and Passions)
  • 6th Week   Clown: "The pleasure of being ridiculous"


" We want to help the creative actor, capable of using his own sources of inspiration, to recognise the dynamics of Movement and their applications on stage to create characters or situations. To become capable of proposing during the creative process, or even create his own plays. Our objective is to develop this capacity in the actors and give them tools to develop it further on."


    Theater is action, verb, Movement. We'll observe and analyse the Movement and dynamics of the elements in life and of structures created by the students. Then we'll learn how to apply that knowledge in our work with masks.

    The workshop will be extended over a period of 6 weeks, 5 hours by day (total: 150h + Mask construction work in the afternoons). The sessions will start by physical activity in order to activate the body. Then we'll pass to Movement analysis and Devising. Finally we'll go into the mask playing. Work will be based on two axis: Improvisation and Movement analysis

- Improvisation is a basic part of every creative process. It helps to liberate the actor's first impulse, the uncalculated answer. Then we'll analyse it with the group to encourage the critical capacity of the students. We'll discover the different applications of improvisation in the creative process.

- The Movement analysis will improve the actor's observation of life and their capacity to acquire the different dynamics with their own body. This will help the actor to improve his body conscience, develop his expressivity and recognise impulses in order to create characters or situations that work on stage. At the same time, we'll also observe the dynamics of structures, forms and volumes. We'll start with simple ones and then we'll observe more and more complex ones. These structures will introduce us into mask playing. We will work on recognising their shapes and how they influence the characters. Working with structures we'll look for the precision of the movement, the masks will later help us to approach the character.

- This work will be completed by the Space analysis. The knowledge of the space is necessary to understand all the previous themes. We'll recognise the directions of passions, emotions and characters in the space.

    Students will be constantly facing the creative process during the workshop. This will oblige them to look for solutions to the problems that they will find, sometimes alone, other times in group. The creative-actor needs to develop a creative capacity and how to use it in a collective work. The actor will learn to propose and defend his own propositions and to accept the other's ones. This exchange of ideas is necessary during the creative process, it helps us to analyse the work and it encourages the critic observation. The group will be composed by actors coming from different places and countries, making this exchange precious. 

    We'll work with several types of masks; from the most abstract ones (creativity and poetry) to the more human ones (more theatrical in context). We'll pass over: Neutral masks, object-masks, larvae-masks and full and half masks (Commedia de l'arte and Bali masks) created by the students themselves to end with the smallest mask, the red nose of the Clown.


    Movement, Clown and Neutral Mask teacher at the École PHILIPPE GAULIER (Paris) and actually working as a Clown with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. Graduated from École Internationale de Théâtre JACQUES LECOQ (Paris) and Estudis Escénics El Timbal (Barcelona).

    In 2008 he created YINdeYAN, where he has taught several professional International workshops in Physical Theatre, Clown and Mask Playing attended by students from more than 15 different countries. He has also taught several workshops for professional actors in Spain, France, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, England, United States, Argentina and Brasil.

    Actor, Director and Teacher with International background. He has a large experience in collective creation processes and directed shows for companies such as: "Cirque de Legume"/Ireland (Special Jury's Award at the 1st Irish Festival (New York), Bewleys Theatre Award (Dublin Fringe), "The Gazpacho Brothers" (France), "Esperanza Desubicada" (Argentina),"Ginno & Foggy" (Italy), "PHilo&Jole" (Basque Country, Best street show at the XVII Umore Azoka de Leioa), "Burbulhas" (Brasil), "Cía. 2yMedio" (Barcelona) and "Cia. Sombra y Ficción" (Madrid) amongst others.

    He has worked as a Clown in the European tour of the show "DRALION" by the Cirque du Soleil.



Applicants must send a full CV followed by a short text of intentions/motivations to yindeyan(a)


1110€ for the whole 6 weeks of workshop. 
for the whole length of the workshop 
(No boards included)

It's possible to take individual weeks, but the accommodation is provided only to those students taking the whole 6 weeks.

Prices for individual weeks are:
1 week :     210€
2 Weeks:     410€
3 Weeks:     600€
4 Weeks:     780€
5 Weeks:     950€
6 Weeks:    1110€

If you convince someone else to come along with you 
we'll offer you the 50% of the total amount paid by the other person.