About Me
I'm a machining learning research scientist at HP Labs. I earned my Ph. D. degree in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), under the supervision of Dr. Guoqiang Yu. During the same time, I worked as a research assistant in Georgetown University Medical Center under the guidance of Dr. Habtom W RessomI have a solid background in both computer science and statistics. I'm also an experienced programmer in Python, Java, Matlab and R. My research focuses on applying machine learning technique to perform network-based differential analysis and integrate multi-omic data for cancer biomarker discovery. My google scholar profile is here. My CV is here.

  • 2017 July: accepted the offer for machine learning research scientist at HP Labs and moved to Palo Alto again in Sep
  • 2017 June: present my work on differential network analysis in HP Lab at Palo Alto, California [slides
  • 2017 April: passed my Ph. D. dissertation defense [slides] and [dissertation]
  • 2016 Dec: present my work on network-based differential analysis in BIBM 16 conference at Shenzhen, China [slides
  • 2016 Oct:  gave a guest lecture on integrated differential expression and differential network analysis at Georgetown University for the class "Bioinformatics for Omics Data" [slides
  • 2016 Sep: moved back to DC and started another intern at LogicNets Inc.
  • 2016 Mar: passed my Ph. D. prelim exam and became a Ph. D. candidate [slides]
  • 2015 Sep: accepted the offer for visiting student researcher at Stanford and moved to Palo Alto, California
Research Interests
  • Machine learning
  • Probabilistic graphical model
    • Bayesian network, Gaussian graphical model
  • Natural language processing
  • 2012 - present   Direct Ph. D. candidate, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech
    • Ph. D. expected in May 2017 (GPA: 3.72)
    • Looking for full-time software engineer or data scientist position in machine learning related projects
  • 2012 - 2014       Master of Science, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • 2008 - 2012       Bachelor of Science, Chu Kochen Honors CollegeDepartment of Information Science & Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang University                                                  
Teaching Assistant at Georgetown University and Virginia Tech:
  • 2017 Spring  Optimization Techniques for ECE (Dr. Guoqiang Yu)
  • 2014 Fall       Bioinformatics for Omics Data    (Dr. James Li)
  • 2013 Fall       Bioinformatics for Omics Data    (Dr. James Li)
  • 2013 Spring  Systems Biology/Bioinformatics (Dr. Habtom Ressom)
  • 2012 Fall       Bioinformatics for Omics Data    (Dr. James Li)  
Intern at LogicNets Inc.:
  • 2016 Fall            Developed a natural language processing engine to convert unstructured electronic medical records into structured data format (e.g., XML and JSON) based on Apache cTAKES system; Built a demo website to identify signs/symptoms, diseases/disorders, procedures and medications, map them to ontology concept codes, and analyze their semantic relations based on the developed NLP engine 
  • 2015 Summer    Designed rule based models to generate treatment plans for patients having functional gastrointestinal disorders based on known case studies; Implemented the designed models to build an online expert system for treatment decision support using LogicNets platform
         The work was reported in an article from Family Practice News and a video demo can be accessed here.

Visiting Student Researcher at Stanford University:
  • 2015 Oct - 2016 Aug   Developed novel machine learning algorithm to integrate imaging (e.g., PET, CT, and MRI) and multi-omic data (e.g., genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and glycomics) to identify cancer biomarkers (Dr. Ruijiang Li)
Honors and Awards
2013 Dec  IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Student Travel Award
2012 Jun  Best Bachelor Thesis Award