My current research is focused on robotics, automation and intelligent controls.

Wearable Mechatronic Devices for Rehabilitation

    This purpose of this study is targeted at the use of commercial off the shelf (COTS) devices in the field of human-robot interaction. The application consists of a wearable mechatronic device, namely Myo, which is utilized to control a robot, Sphero, wirelessly for other purposes such as rehabilitation or increased functions and autonomy.

    Leveraging the EMG data returned by Myo, the continuation of this study was to develop a system that required individuals to move their upper limb repetitively and at the same time engaged their interest to improve compliance.

    Factors that impact adherence to exercise include enjoyment and feedback (Novak), which calls for novel activities in the field of rehabilitation. Exergaming, the use of active video games to promote exercise starts to capitalize on these components by entertaining individuals and providing a score for their efforts (Langan). Initial research suggests that exergaming can have a positive influence on functional mobility (Teng, Zhang and Poon). With these factors in mind, our project has been focused on upper extremity movement. This system has the potential to engage the participant through an enjoyable game while also providing more detailed feedback in performance than a score.

The interface is available on GitHub.

Myo Sphero MATLAB Interface

Bluetooth Interfaces with Robotic Systems

The purpose of this project is focused on leveraging Bluetooth with MATLAB to communicate and control robotic systems wirelessly. This project also gives a working example on how to design and implement a remotely controllable robotic system with MATLAB. 


  • In this project, Sphero was chosen as the robotic system to be controlled. Our goal is to control the color of the ball and also command the robot to roll according to a specified trajectory drawn in MATLAB to exhibit a higher level of functionality using Bluetooth interfaces.
  • Sphero was successfully controlled by the implementation of the Bluetooth interface in MATLAB.
  • The project has also exhibited simplicity and capability of MATLAB in robot control over Bluetooth.
  • The code used in this project was published in MATLAB Central

Sphero MATLAB Demo