We are a new research group in the Department of Chemistry and RNA Institute at the University at Albany-SUNY. Our lab is located in the modern Life Sciences Research Building in uptown campus.


    As a research group, we are working at the interface of Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Biology and Medicine.Students in our lab experience various techniques from multiple disciplines. Our team is highly motivated in engineering nanomaterials and their application in biomedical research and forensic science.

  • POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONs are AVAILABLE. (open positions)
  • Nidhi's nanozyme work was accepted for publication in ChemBioChem.
  • Erik's review paper is accepted for publication in ACS Sensors.
  • Nidhi's paper is accepted for publication as an invited article in the special issue of "Nucleic Acids Nanoscience at Interfaces" in Langmuir.
  • Mustafa Salih's work is accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry. Congrats!
  • Muhit's logic gate work is published in J. Mater. Chem. C. Well done, Muhit!
  • Dr. Yigit participated "Food for Finals" and served up a late-night breakfast to undergraduate students on Dec. 12 2017.
  • National Geographic story on our recent detection technique is now online: National Geographic Story
  • Ebola work is feateured in National Geographic 2017 September issue.
  • Neil's paper is accepted in NanoscaleCongratulations!
  • Mustafa Salih's paper is accepted for publication in Chemical Science. Congrats!
  • Congratulations Irfan! His paper is accepted in Chemical Science.
  • Erik received the 2017 Outstanding Senior Award. This award is among the highest conferred upon UAlbany undegraduate students. 
  • Vince gave a talk about his undegraduate research project at the 2017 Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium and 2017 Undergraduate Research Conference. 
  • Erik presented his undergraduate reseach results at the 2017 Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium and 2017 Undergraduate Research Conference. 
  • Muhit is the receipent of the 2017 Excellence in Research Award. Congrats Muhit!
  • Congratulations to Muhit for his PhD thesis defense!
  • Prof. Yigit presents at CaNCURE which is a partnership between Northeastern University and Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center funded by the National Cancer Institute (link).
  • Press release on our lab research: link.
  • Mustafa's paper about ebolo virus detection and subtype classification is accepted for publication in Advanced Healthcare Materials and selected for inside cover.
  • Congratulations to Muhit. His paper is accepted for publication in Chemical Science.  
  • Irfan's paper is accepted for publication in Chemical Communications. Congratulations to Irfan!
  • Neil's paper was accepted for the 2D Materials themed issue of Biosensors and Biolectronics.
  • Congratulations to Muhit. His results are accepted for publication in Chemical CommunicationsSpecial thanks to Maya for her contribution. 
  • Congratulations to M. Salih. His paper is accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry.
  • Neil and Mustafa received Runner-Up talk and poster awards, respectively at the  2015 Annual Life Sciences Research Symposium on September 25, 2015.
  • Neil's paper is accepted for publication in Langmuir. Congratulations!
  • YigitLab Research is highlighted in the 2014-15 annual research report, Reimagine Research, at UAlbany. Please click here to view or download the brochure.
  • Neil is the recipient of the RNA Institute Travel Award for his presentation at the 250th American Chemical Society National Meeting: Congratulations!
  • Muhit received 2014-2015 GSEU Professional Development Award. Congratulations!
  • Dr. Yigit serves as a collaborator in the recent 2015 SUNY Health Network of Excellence Award received by a joint team at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and the RNA Institute. 
  • Neil received the RNA training fellowship from UAlbany. Neil is one of the two graduate students receiving this fellowship in the Chemistry Department. Congratulations Neil!
  • Dr. Yigit is the recipient of the Presidential Initiatives Fund for Research and Scholarship (PIFRS).
  • Congratulations to Muhit for his Lawrence and Marie Shore Graduate Scholarship. Muhit is one of the two graduate students receiving the award this year.
  • Muhit received 2015 UA-GSA Research Grant. Congratulations!
  • Neil's work on DNase I and graphene nanoassemblies is accepted for publication in Bioconjugate Chemistry.
  • We have three great news! YigitLab received three awards at the 2014 Annual Life Sciences Research Symposium on December 12, 2014. 
       Congratulations team!        
        M. Salih received the Best Talk Award.
        Mustafa received the Runner Up Talk Award.
        Neil received the Best Poster Award.
  • Mustafa's work on smart polymer functionalized graphene nano-devices is accepted for publication in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.
  • Congratulations to M. Salih for his paper accepted in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces!
  • Mustafa's recent work is accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congratulations!
  • Neil's review paper is accepted in WIRE's RNA.
  • Mehmet received FRAP-A award from the 2014 Faculty Research Award Program at UAlbany for development of theranostic  agents
  • Our recent work is accepted for publication in BioNanoScience (below). Congratulations to Muhit!
  • Neil presented our work on miRNA and graphene oxide at the 1st Annual Sigma-Aldrich Symposium & Workshop RNA Science and its Applications at University of Albany on January 2014.
  • We welcome Neil and Salih to YigitLab!
  • Muhit's paper is accepted in Analyst!
  • Mustafa and Muhit presented their work at the Finger Lakes RNA meeting on October 2013.
  • Our lab 's first paper is accepted in J. Mater. Chem. B. Congratulations to Mustafa and Muhit!
  •  Mustafa received Department of Chemistry Graduate Student Travel Award for the Finger Lakes RNA meeting on October 2013.
  • Congratulations to Muhit on another award - Hudson Valley RNA Club Travel Award - for the Finger Lakes RNA meeting on October 2013!
  • Congratulations to Muhit on his 2012-2013 GSEU Professional Development Award!
  • Derek graduated with a Baccalaureate Degree in Chemistry. Congratulations!
  • Muhit Rana, Mustafa Balcioglu and Derek Treonze joined YigitLab.