Chemical Reaction Engineering
Sungkyunkwan University, Spring Semester 2013

Instructor: Prof. Gi-Ra Yi (25513,, x7289)
Lecture:  MT 10:30-12:00
Classroom: Eng. II

Objective: To provide a basic understanding of chemical reaction engineering with emphases on the applications of chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, mass and energy balances, and transport phenomena to the design and performance of chemical reactors.

Text: The Engineering of Chemical Reactions, 3rd Ed. L. D. Schmidt, Oxford 2009.

              Homework Assignments:       30%
              Mid-term exam:                  30%
              Final Exam:                        40%
              Introduction  (Preface & Ch. 1)
              Matlab Review
              Chemical Reactions, Rates, and Stoichiometry  (Ch. 2)
              Chemical Thermodynamics and Equilibria          (Ch. 2)
              Applied Chemical Kinetics and the Batch Reactor (Ch. 2)
              Fundamentals of Chemical Kinetics (Ch. 2&4)
              Isothermal Continuous Reactors - PFR (Ch. 3)
              Isothermal Continuous Raactors - CSTR (Ch. 3)
              Multiple Reactions and Selectivity  (Ch. 4)
              Steady-State Non-Isothermal Reactors (Ch. 5)
              Unsteady-State Non-Isothermal reactors (Ch. 6)
              Catalysis & Surface Chemistry (Ch. 7)
              Catalytic Reactors & Mass Transfer (Ch. 7)
              Polymerization Reactions & Reactors (Ch. 11)

Class Schedule:

    1st week     Ch. 1, Matlab Review
    2nd week    Ch. 2 
    3rd week     Ch. 2
    4th week     Ch. 3
    5th week     Ch. 3          
    6th week     Ch. 4
    7th week     Ch. 4
    8th week         Mid-term exam
    9th week      Ch. 5
    10th week    Ch. 5
    11th week    Ch. 6
    12th week    Ch. 6
    14th week    Ch. 7
    15th week    Ch. 11
    16th week      Final exam