Colloid Science (2014 Spring)



This course is designed to introduce the student to the fundamental principles of surface and colloid science and to apply these concepts to basic problems and applications in science and technology.

  1. Introduction to colloidal system and chemical synthesis of colloidal particles
  2. Surface and Intermolecular forces
  3. Characterization of colloids 


  • ‘Colloid Science’ by Terence Cosgrove  (Wiley, 2010)
  • ‘Intermolecular and Surface Forces’ by Jacob Israelachvili (Wiley, 2011) [E-book]
  • 'Monodispersed Particles' by Tadao Sugimoto (2001) [E-book]
  • 'Soft Matter Physics' by Masao Doi (2013) [E-book]

Course Contents and Schedule

  1. Introduction to Colloids 
  2. Brownian Motion and Thermal Fluctuation
  3. Charge in Colloidal Systems 
  4. Stability of Charge-stabilized Colloids I (vdW force) 
  5. Stability of Charge-stabilized Colloids II (DLVO theory)
  6. Surfactant Adsorption at Interfaces 
  7. Polymers at Interfaces and Steric Stabilization  
  8. Mid-term Exam 
  9. Polymers and Polymer Solutions (Depletion Interaction)
  10. Synthesis of Monodisperse Colloids I (Polymer Colloids) 
  11. Synthesis of Monodisperse Colloids II (Inorganic Colloids)
  12. Microemulsions, Emulsions, and Aerosols 
  13. Optical Microscopy and Electron Microscopy 
  14. Scattering and Reflection Techniques 
  15. Optical Manipulation (Optical Trapping) 
  16. Final Exam (6/17)