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  1. Someone you don’t know asks to ‘friend’ you on Facebook; you notice that lots of people you know have friended this person. Do you?
  2. A friend of yours has posted and tagged an embarrassing photo of you in your underwear on their Facebook page, which is public. What do you think?
  3. You have a long phone conversation with your best friend about the boy you have a crush on, who is also a friend of hers. Later you find out that she was with the boy and had her phone on ‘speaker’ the whole time.
  4. You figured out your friend’s PowerSchool password. You’ve started checking on his grades once in a while, just because you’re curious.
  5. You receive the message: Hi h8 skl h8 rents h8u :) Do you think it's true? Does the smiley face change the nature of the message?
  6. You and your friend are iChatting about the new kid at school and you tell her you think he's hot. She saves the chat and emails it to the rest of your group.
  7. A student posts a negative review of a concert given by another student’s band. The review focuses on the band members’ skill as musicians and the quality of their music.
  8. Katrina logged in to IM late one night to see who was still up. She saw that David was online. David was a funny kid at school, though she didn't know him very well, and he often posted jokes in his IM profile. She said "sup?' to David and quickly checked his profile hoping for a good laugh. David had posted some very nasty comments about girls. Katrina was disgusted by what she read. What should Katrina do?
  9. Mark and Claire had been going out for three months, but that was about to end. Mark's feelings had changed and he wanted to break up with Claire. He was very nervous about what he would say and how he would say it. Mark decides to leave a note for Claire on her Facebook page that their relationship is over.
  10. Jack is sitting at his desk at home sending instant messages. He gets a message from someone claiming to be his friend. The message read " I hate you Jack". Jack isn't sure if he recognizes the screen name.
  11. You decide to create an Facebook account to portray the "perfect boyfriend". You upload a picture and make up a profile. Then you start friending all the girls in the class.
  12. A student at your school uploads to YouTube a video of his band performing a song that makes fun of the gay/straight alliance. No one specific  is named or is identifiable from the song.
  13. A student creates a fake Facebook profile in the name of another student in the class. The other student is Middle Eastern and the profile contains photos of him doctored to look like Osama Bin Laden and statements, supposedly made by him, supporting terrorism.
  14. A student discovers that other students in his class have created an online forum in which students are invited to vote on whether or not the first student should be beaten up.
  15. A student sends frequent emails to his ex-girlfriend. When she asks him to stop, he sends more emails, many of which contain abusive language or pornographic images.
  16. A teacher discovers that students are being pressured by a popular student to remove an unpopular student from their Facebook “friends” lists.
  17. A student finds that photos of her, which were taken by her (now ex) boyfriend have been uploaded to his MySpace page. Then they were copied and reproduced in many more places, including photo-sharing sites. Her ex-boyfriend says that he is not responsible for what was done with the photos after he uploaded them.
  18. A student sends a harassing e-mail to another student.  The receiving student retaliates with a “flaming e-mail.” Is sending harassing and flaming e-mail messages wrong?
  19. When hanging out with friends, one of the students gets a cell phone call and conducts a loud conversation.  Is talking in a loud voice on a mobile phone in a public place right?
  20. A student logs on to a file sharing website and downloads the newest song. Is downloading music from a file-sharing site wrong?
  21. A student opens an attachment on an email which releases a Trojan Horse virus on to the school network.
  22. An hour before class, a student remembers that a writing assignment is due. The student goes to the library, finds a website, and copies/pastes information without giving credit to the authors. Is using Internet materials without giving credit to the authors wrong?
  23. At home, a student uses a software package to copy movies and games from DVD’s for his or her friends.  Is copying copyrighted materials right?
  24. Two students use text messaging on their cell phones to chat with each other during class.  Is it wrong to send text-messages during class?
  25. During class, students text on their cell phones to share answers to an assignment.  Is it wrong to share information during class?
  26. A teacher leaves the room but neglects to shut off his computer. Should you take a look at the teacher's computer while he is out of the room?
  27. Your high school principal is concerned about students' use of online communities like Facebook and MySpace, so he creates a profile and signs on. He discovers an open invitation to an after-prom party and confronts the students who have signed up to attend. Is he out of line? 
  28. You are a college freshman. Your cousin, who is a high school freshman, asks to “friend” you on a social networking site. You like your cousin and don’t want to hurt his feelings, but you say “no.” What are some reasons you might not want your cousin to see your profile and friends?
  29. Your mom makes her own profile on Facebook and asks you to be her “friend.” She also "friends" your friends.
  30. You and your friends have been inserting random 'facts' on Wikipedia entries, to see how long it takes for them to be edited.
  31. Your friend leaves his cell phone at your house and your mom starts looking at the pictures stored on it. Some are pretty incriminating. She wants to call the friend's parents.