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Core Values

Yarmouth's Core Values
Blue is what we are working on today.

Honesty - Honest people are truthful and sincere and communicate free of any intent to deceive; they recognize that truthfulness is the basis of good relationships.

Integrity - People with integrity behave in an ethical manner that is consistent with their beliefs and principles.

- People worthy of trust keep promises, fulfill commitments, and abide by the spirit and letter of an agreement.

Loyalty - Loyal people demonstrate commitment in good times and bad.

Fairness - Fair people are committed to justice, the equal treatment of individuals, and tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Caring - Caring people show concern for the well-being of themselves, others and the environment.

Respect - Respectful people have confidence in their own beliefs and values and acknowledge, understand, and support the rights of others to express their beliefs and opinions.

Citizenship - Responsible citizens contribute to the community locally and globally in active, positive, and creative ways and encourage the participation of others through cooperation and contribution.

Pursuit of Quality - People who pursue quality take pride in their work, give their best efforts, reflect on the results of their work, and apply this new learning to subsequent tasks.

Responsibility - Accountable, responsible people know, understand, consider, and accept the impact and consequences of their personal actions and decisions.

Positive Self-Esteem - People with positive self-esteem value themselves, think independently and make good choices based on their own ultimate well-being.