Latest News
16 Aug 2018 -- Cui Ying Toe has received her PhD degree today. Cui Ying is the 5th PhD student of Yun Hau as main supervisor. 

13 Aug 2018 -- Yun Hau has joined the School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong as Associate Professor. He is leading a research group with the focus on light-to-chemical energy conversion.

5 Aug 2018 -- Hao Wu has two papers accepted in a month. Both works are using our in-house developed method (pulsed-electrodeposition) in producing nanostructured electrodes for energy conversion applications. The papers are accepted for publication in ChemPlusChem and Sustainable Materials & Technologies, respectively. Well done, Hao!

July 2018 -- Congratulations to Dr. Hui Ling Tan of Yun Hau's team on the award of JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship. Hui Ling will spend her JSPS postdoc training in Kyushu University under the supervision of Prof. Ishihara. We are proud of you, Hui Ling.

10 July 2018 -- Our Phoebe has achieved significant progress lately. In this year, Phoebe has received a) 3-Mins Thesis award UNSW, b) ANN Travel Award to AM&ST conference, c) Chair Presentation Award in AM&ST conference, d) ICONN2018 Oral Presentation Award, e) ANN Overseas Travel Fellowship for research attachment to HZB, Berlin! What an exciting progress!

March 2018 -- Yun Hau received "Distinguish Lectureship Award" by the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ). An award lecture was presented in CSJ Annual Meeting in Tokyo.

27 Feb 2018 -- Today marks the 100th peer-reviewed work being accepted for publication.

Feb 2018 -- Prof. Roel van de Krol and Dr. Fatwa Abdi visited us. We have on-going collaborations and hopefully will have output to be shared here soon.

5 Feb 2018 -- Congratulations to Phoebe for winning the BEST Oral Presentation award in ICONN2018 conference!!

Dec 2017 -- Hao Wu is visiting Prof. Kazuhiko Maeda's group at Tokyo Institute of Technology for 3 months for studying water splitting and CO2 reduction.

Dec 2017 -- Shi Nee Lou joins Nanyang Technological University as a researcher. All the best wishes to Shi Nee for starting a new chapter of life. 

10 Nov 2017 -- Together with Prof. Cyrille Boyer, we have been awarded an ARC Discovery Project Grant on "Overcoming the Inherent Instability of Photocatalyst to Produce Solar Fuels". The Australian Research Council has generously awarded us a total of $386, 140 for 2018-2020.

06 Nov 2017 -- Dr. Shi Nee Lou has officially graduated her PhD degree. She is the 7th PhD student graduated from Ng's team! Shi Nee will join Prof. Pooi See Lee's group at NUS as a postdoctoral researcher soon.
29 Oct 2017 -- Yun Hau is announced the recipient of the Chemical Society Japan (CSJ) Lectureship Award 2018. He will be delivering a keynote presentation at the CSJ Annual Meeting in Tokyo next March.

4 Aug 2017 -- Congratulations to Hui Ling for receiving the BEST Poster Award in the International Symposium on Energy Conversion ad Storage Materials, sponsored by RSC. 

30 July - 3 Aug 2017 -- Yun Hau is giving a keynote presentation at the Asian Powder Technology conference in Taiwan.

08 May 2017 -- Shi Nee has her solar battery work published in Advanced Energy Materials. Go check the work when it is online as it contains a cool "Iron Man" cell used in Synchrotron XRD facilities.

28 April 2017 -- Congratulation to Dr. Hui Ling Tan to receive UNSW Postdoctoral (writing) Fellowship.

13 March 2017 -- We have successfully received a grant from Defence Science Technology (DST) on the Maritime Future Technology Watch project.

Welcome to Yun Hau Ng's research website. I am an associate professor in the School of Energy and Environment at the City University of Hong Kong. My research focuses in the area of alternative and renewable energy through the approach of catalysis - namely photo(electro) catalysis, electrocatalysis and carbon (thermal) catalysis. Hydrogen generation from water (or waste water), photo-induced charge storage (solar battery), electrocatalysed oxygen evolution, liquid junction photoactive semiconductor thin films are within my expertise. My team members and I use a multidiciplinary approach, involving internal and external collaborations along with students from Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science, Photovoltaic and Physics, to study nanostructured materials as active components in energy conversion and storage processes. 

The research aims at gaining fundamental understanding involved in these areas with the ultimate goal to achieve real life application in industry. We observe experimental phenomena, study the fundamental principles lie underneath that guide the overall reactions in light energy conversion-storage. Investigation into the basic science equips us the ability to engineer better and more efficient systems for practical uses.