Yonghwa Cho

I am currently a research fellow(PostDoc) at...

School of Mathematics

KIAS(Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

85 Hoegiro Dongdaemun-gu

Seoul 02455

Republic of Korea

E-mail: yhch088_AT_kias.re.kr

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Last revised/verified : Jul 28, 2020

Research Papers

  1. On derived categories of algebraic surfaces consturcted via $\mathbb{Q}$-Gorenstein smoothings, PhD Thesis, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 2017.
  2. (w/ Yongnam Lee) Exceptional collections on Dolgachev surfaces associated with degenerations, Adv. Math. 324 (2018). (journal) (arXiv:1506.05213v4) (Macaulay2 Scripts)
  3. (w/ Federico Caucci, Luca Rizzi) On dominant rational maps from a very general complete intersection surface in P^4, Le Matematiche 72, no. 2 (2017). (journal)
  4. On derived categories of nonminimal Enriques surfaces, preprint. (arXiv:1612.09406) (Macaulay2 Scripts)
  5. (w/ Yeongrak Kim, Kyoung-Seog Lee) Ulrich bundles on intersections of two 4-dimensional quadrics, to appear in IMRN. (journal) (arXiv:1704.03352)
  6. Orthogonal exceptional collections from $\mathbb{Q}$-Gorenstein degeneration of surfaces. (arXiv:2005.09884)

Seminar & Conference Talks

  1. Degenerations and exceptional collections in del Pezzo surfaces, 2020 KMS Spring Meeting, Jul 3, 2020
  2. Degeneration of del Pezzo surfaces: a categorical viewpoint, 2019 Symposium in Algebraic Geometry, Busan, Dec 22–24, 2019.
  3. Singularities of class T and orthogonal collections, 2019 Pohang Mathematics Workshop, Jeju, Dec 5–8, 2019.
  4. Toric systems and toric degenerations, Sungkyunkwan University, Dec 4, 2019.
  5. Derived categories and Ulrich bundles on Fano threefolds, Tokyo-Seoul Conference in Mathematics 2019 - Algebraic Geometry, University of Tokyo, Nov 29–30, 2019.
  6. Ulrich bundles on intersection of two 4-dimensional quadrics, Inaugural France-Korea Conference on Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, and Partial Differential Equations, University of Bordeaux, Nov 24–27, 2019.
  7. Ulrich bundles and their moduli spaces, Challenging Algebraic Geometry Workshop, Gangneung, Nov 6–9, 2019.
  8. Orthogonal collections from Q-Gorenstein degeneration, KMS Annual Meeting, Hongik University, Oct 25–27, 2019.
  9. Exceptional collections and toric surfaces, KIAS seminar, Oct 16, 2019.
  10. Toric systems, mutations and MMP, KAIX thematic program: Intensive lecture series on Algebraic Geometry, KAIST, Aug 19–23, 2019.
  11. Del Pezzo surfaces: toric systems, degenerations, and minimal model program, IBS-CGP seminar, Jul 16, 2019.
  12. Exceptional collections arising from toric degenerations of del Pezzo surfaces, Algebraic and Symplectic Aspects in Degenerations of Complex Surfaces, KIAS, Jun 24–28, 2019.
  13. Toric systems and degeneration of del Pezzo surfaces, Sinchon Workshop on Algebraic Geometry, Yonsei University, Jun 21, 2019.
  14. Toric systems on rational surfaces, Ajou University, May 28, 2019.
  15. Exceptional collections and toric degenerations of del Pezzo surfaces, Seoul National University, Apr 23, 2019.
  16. Three block collections and $\Q$-Gorenstein degenerations of del Pezzo surfaces, Algebraic geometry seminar, KAIST, Apr 25, 2018.
  17. Exceptional bundles and $\mathbb Q$-Gorenstein degeneration of surfaces, Oberseminar, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Feb 23, 2018.
  18. Exceptional blocks and $\mathbb Q$-Gorenstein degeneration of surfaces, Algebraic geometry seminar, KAIST, Jan 3, 2018.
  19. Categorical approach to the Ulrich bundles on Fano threefolds, Algebraic geometry seminar, KAIST, Dec 28, 2017.
  20. Ulrich bundles on prime Fano threefolds of index 2 and degree 4, Bielefeld Arithmetic Geometry Seminar, Universität Bielefeld, May 24, 2017.
  21. Exceptional collections on algebraic surfaces, Shinchon Workshop on Algebraic Geometry 2, Yonsei University, Feb 27-28, 2017
  22. Nonminimal surfaces admitting exceptional collections, Symposium in Algebraic Geometry, Busan, Dec 26-27, 2016
  23. Divisors on Dolgachev surfaces, IBS-CGP Seminar, Sep 27, 2016
  24. (Contributed Talk) Line bundles on surfaces associated with degenerations, Workshop on algebraic surfaces and moduli, KAIST, Apr 11-15, 2016
  25. Establishing exceptional collections of maximal length on Dolgachev surfaces using deformation theory, Workshop on Deformation and Moduli, Busan, Jan 20-23, 2016
  26. Line bundles on Lee-Park surfaces and applications to the study of derived categories I-III, Algebraic Geometry Seminar, KIAS, Dec 1-3, 2015
  27. Exceptional collection of maximal length on an algebraic surface with Kodaira dimension 1, ASARC Seminar, KAIST, Nov 10, 2015
  28. Line bundles on Dolgachev surfaces constructed via $\mathbb Q$-Gorenstein smoothing, Mini-workshop on Algebraic Surfaces, KIAS, Oct 15-16, 2015
  29. Cone of curves on algebraic varieties, After School on Minimal Model Program, KIAS, Apr 27-29, 2015
  30. Exceptional vector bundles on Dolgachev surfaces constructed via $\mathbb Q$-Gorenstein smoothing, KMS Spring Meeting, Apr 25, 2015
  31. Deformation theory of algebras, Algebra Seminar, KIAS, Feb 3, 2015