From time to time our laboratory has graduate student  position openings. Graduate students with interests in analytical chemistry, organic (polymer) synthesis, or materials chemistry are encouraged to contact Prof. Chan for details.

Our research has been highlighted by Nature News (Nature 2016, 531, 26–28)

Lab Updates

08.18.2017 - Congrats to  Wei-Kai on his paper accepted by  ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces
07.25.2017 - Congrats to Chia-Chia, Chia-Hsien, and Ding-Jyun on successfully defending their MA theses
07.01.2017 - Welcome to our new member: Mr. Yong-Quan Yang, Miss. Jou-Yun Chen, Mr. Jyun-Chi Yang, and Miss. Pin-Wen Lin (Master students)
05.30.2017 - Congrats to Yung-Sheng on receiving College Student Research Scholarship, MOST
02.21.2017 - Congrats to  Chi-Shiang on his paper accepted by  ACS Nano
11.03.2016 - Congrats to  You-Hong on his paper accepted by  Anal. Chem.
10.15.2016 - Congrats to You-Hong on successfully defending his MA theses
08.15.2016 - Congrats to Chi-Shiang on successfully defending his MA theses
07.01.2016 - Welcome to our new member: Miss. Pei-Yun You, Mr. Yu-Chen Cho, and Mr. Po-Jung Tseng (Master students) & Mr. Yung-Sheng Lai, and Miss. Hui-Hsin Wang (Undergraduate students) 
12.06.2015 - Congrats to Hong-Yi and Shih-Yu on winning the Song-Pei Wu Applied Chemistry Award and the ScinoPharm Analytical Chemistry Award, respectively. (Outsatnding Thesis Award of Chemical Society Located in Taipei)