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Phoenix & YHARG will be active on HF


Poor Propagation
While propagation on 40m is becoming a little more settled than in January, the average Critical Frequency between 10 & 17H UTC is barely 6Mhz giving a MUF of 7.1MHz on paths over 400km (from IO92) - this results in a skip zone of 400km radius. This, in turn, means YHARG cannot normally hear any stations from most of the UK. In these conditions, which are made worse by coronal hole effects, high speed solar winds and geomagnetic disturbances, it is very difficult to operate our programmes effectively - We are trying, but it's all beyond out control.

Our main activitiy at present is

The Robin Hood Award
mainly on 20m and higher

YHARG is affiliated to  the Youth Hostels Association
(England & Wales)


Video from the YHA
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The YHARG is affiliated to the Phoenix Amateur Radio Club

The Youth Hostels Amateur Radio Group comprises a small team of enthusiastic radio hams - of all ages - who are also active hostellers. It is open to anyone interested in portable amateur radio operations, especially from interesting locations, and using youth hostels wherever possible.

Through our activities we also hope to raise awareness of the potential benefits of hostels in the UK and world-wide to other radio hams and also develop a wider awareness of the radio hobby amongst hostel visitors. The Youth Hostels Amateur Radio Group was set up in January 2013, and is now affiliated to the  Phoenix Amateur Radio Club.

The YHARG is a group of people who are hostellers and we do not represent any hostelling organisation such as the YHA, SYHA, Hostelling NI or even Hostelling International. For the present, the Youth Hostels ARG should be good enough.

YHARG is not an award scheme, or "Youth Hostels On The Air". The primary focus is to encourage members to get out and operate portable stations - from youth hostels where this is possible.

The following pages explain what we do and include some general information about the Amateur Radio hobby and youth hosteling.

YHARG uses the callsign


The 'registered' callsign for the YHARG is M0YHA. To identify this as a club callsign being used in England, a regional locator ('X') is added. The callsign that is normally used is therefore MX0YHA. Other regional locators may be used at times.

Most YHARG activities using MX0YHA are undertaken from an alternative address at Gargrave in North Yorkshire, (WAB-SD95), by M0XLT. It is not mandatory for the Alternative suffix ('/A') to be added to the callsign, therefore it is routinely omitted. The station location is always given on-air according to UK licence conditions.

YHARG is affiliated to the Phoenix Amateur Radio Club


IC-706 MkII