Change Cover Photo

How to change the Cover Photo on your Group's page
I'm using an Example here.
The Below Picture is one of Yahoo's Default Pictures for Any Group in the Computers & Internet Category
it is 1020 x 520 and is in .jpg format

Click HERE to see the full list of all default cover photos for Yahoo Groups Catgories

This Photo is currently applied to the Yahoo Group, but only a Portion of it appears as can be seen below
In this view, which is how it is seen on the group's Homepage, only 1020 x 250 shows
If you have a picture that you want to load, keep that in mind.

To change or exchange this default Picture with a more suitable one of your own choosing, move your mouse over the cover image and if you are the owner or moderator, you will see “change cover” button. This will cause a browse/upload box to appear and you can select an image from your computer to upload.

Once you've selected a photo, it will show rather than this default Photo and
you will be given the option to drag the portion of the photo you want in the Box
as seen below

Your New Photo will appear without the words. Those words should reappear after you have saved, exited and revisited the page.

If the Photo you select is smaller than 1020 pixels wide, it will simply be stretched out to fill the box, thus reducing the clarity of the picture that others see. Both PNG and JPG images have worked for Owners/Moderators with success. If you cannot get your picture to save, walk away and try later. Neo is tinkering with the groups code from time to time and what does not work for you one hour may work another hour or day.

For Information on other changes in Yahoo Groups I recommend visiting the