Neo Tour

In August of 2013, Yahoo began to give its users an exciting New Look for "Groups"

Yahoo! Made this video about the new Groups

On 28 Aug we began to see their new Product Tour (Below)
Here is what that should look like...
Just in case it won't load for you at Yahoo!
The links below do not work - these are just screen shots of the tour
(You have to scroll down through these screenshots)
No clicking now...!  ...SCROLL!

 Search Groups   While viewing your group's page, type into the blank field just to the left of the big purple button labeled  Search Groups , then push  Search Groups . This will search the messages in your group.  This replaces the old Search Box we used to use to Search "Messages".   Search Web  does just that.

"The ability to edit a posted message during approval, is currently not working and will be fixed."
Written by a Yahoo Administrator

You can click on the above Link!!