Quick Info

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Chair of Operations Research at TU Munich, headed by Prof. Andreas Schulz

Before coming to Munich I was a Research Associate with George Christodoulou at the Computer Science department and the EcCo group of the University of Liverpool.

I completed my DPhil (aka PhD) in 2015 at the Computer Science department of the University of Oxford, where I was extremely fortunate to be advised by Elias Koutsoupias. I was also a member of St Anne's College. I hold an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and an MSc in Logic, Algorithms and Computation (MPLA), both from the University of Athens.

Research Interests

My interests lie in the general field of Algorithms and Theoretical Computer Science. I have primarily worked in algorithmic game theory and mechanism design, as well as online algorithms and streaming algorithms.


Email: (first 8 letters of my last name)@in.tum.de (get my PGP public key here)
Room 6014, Chair of Operations Research, Technische Universität München, Karlstr. 45, 80333 München, Germany 


Duality and Optimality of Auctions for Uniform Distributions [arXiv]  [bibtex]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos and Elias Koutsoupias
To appear in SIAM Journal on Computing.
A preliminary version appeared in:
15th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC 2014) [doi]

Online Market Intermediation [arXiv] [bibtex]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos, Elias Koutsoupias and Philip Lazos
44th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP 2017)

The VCG Mechanism for Bayesian Scheduling [arXiv] [bibtex]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos and Maria Kyropoulou
To appear in ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation(Invited)
A preliminary version appeared in:
11th Conference on Web and Internet Economics (WINE 2015) [doi]

The Anarchy of Scheduling Without Money [arXiv] [bibtex]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos, Elias Koutsoupias and Maria Kyropoulou
9th International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory (SAGT 2016) [doi]

Selling Two Goods Optimally [arXiv] [bibtex]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos and Elias Koutsoupias
To appear in Information and Computation. (Invited)
A preliminary version appeared in:
42nd International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP 2015) [doi]
(Best Paper Award)

Duality Theory for Optimal Mechanism Design [pdf] [bibtex]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos
DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford. July 2015.

Bounding the Optimal Revenue of Selling Multiple Goods [arXiv] [doi] [bibtex]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos
Theoretical Computer Science, 581: 83-96, 2015.

Competitive Analysis of Maintaining Frequent Items of a Stream [pdf] [doi] [bibtex]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos and Elias Koutsoupias 
Theoretical Computer Science, 562: 23-32, 2015.  
(A preliminary version, not including all results, appeared in SWAT 2012. [doi] [presentation] [bibtex])

A Note on Selling Optimally Two Uniformly Distributed Goods [arXiv] [bibtex]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos
CoRR: abs/1409.6925

Streaming Techniques and Data Aggregation in Networks of Tiny Artefacts [pdf preprint] [doi] [bibtex]
Luca Becchetti, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis and Yiannis Giannakopoulos 
Computer Science Review, 5 (1): 27–46, February 2011. 

Mechanism Design and Strong Truthfulness [pdf] [bibtex] [ebook]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos
Chapter 8 in Applications of Secure Multiparty Computation, P. Laud and L. Kamm, Eds., IOS Press, 2015.

Data Aggregation [pdf] [bibtex] [ebook]
Yiannis Giannakopoulos and Christos Koninis
Chapter 5 in Distributed Self-organized Societies of Tiny Artefacts: Design & Implementation, I. Chatzigiannakis and P. Spirakis, Eds., Lulu Publishers, 2011. 

My M.Sc. thesis on Online Mechanism Design [pdf] [presentation] [bibtex]