Greetings and welcome!


Time has come to pass and so as the seasons have blossomed then withered and died, so has this series of tournament come and past.  Grand and noble were the deeds and combats upon the day.

I have heard tell of great deeds done throughout our Kingdom. From the flames of Great Northern War's twilight to the crucible that is La Prova Dura; from the deeds of Pencampwr in the west to the trials of Cantebury Fair in the east. Yet again this populace of Ynys Fawr has had reason to acclaim great deeds nobly done in a spectacle to match the occasions held in the all the great baronies of the known world.

I would most humbly thank all those gentles who did strive mightily to compete upon a list field of highest honour, who strove to example all that is good in the tournament of great skill. I would express my gratitude to all those who braved the fierce sun and blazing heat to add to the spectacle in whatever small way even if by simply making the effort to attend and witness this great deed of arms.

~ Sir Guillaume d'Oze

***The next series of the Ynys Fawr Tournaments of Prowess will be held sometime in the future***

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Some great prizes were awarded:

    a "Rose of Chivary" token
for chivalry and courtesy upon the Lists
            Lord Bjorn Olfus
            Lord Ronald of Ynys Fawr
            Sir Wulgar Jarnsitha

    a Shiavona sword hilt (SCA) -  from Windrose Armoury
for victory by points of prowess
            a tie between
                            Lord Bjorn Olfus
                            Lord Lothar von Drachen

    a 15th C bollocks dagger - from Errant Knight Jewelry
for the most number of victories
                            Sir Wulfgar Jarnitha


A Competition in the Arts and Sciences shall also be held to be presented and adjudicated at the Feast. This will be for High Pageantry and Heraldic Display.

         a silken standard in the style of the English (1455 - 1487)
                   was awarded to Lord Joab Cohen