A Workshop for Young Female Researchers in Speech Science & Technology 
Call for Participation 

A workshop for women undergraduate and masters students who are currently working in speech science and technology is to be held at Interspeech 2017 on 20 August 2017 from 10am to 5pm followed by a dinner with invited senior members of the Interspeech community. It will feature panel discussions with senior female researchers in the field, student poster presentations and a mentoring session.

The workshop is the second of its kind, after a successful inaugural event  (YFRSW 2016) at Interspeech 2016 in San Francisco. It is designed to foster interest in research in our field in women at the undergraduate or master level who have not yet committed to getting a PhD in speech science or technology areas, but who have had some research experience in their college and universities via individual or group projects.

Travel funds are available for students accepted to attend the workshop. Up to $1000 will be provided for students traveling from Europe and $2500 for those traveling from the US.

KTH, Dept of Speech and Music
5th floor
Lindstedtsvägen 24
10044 Stockholm


Surbhi SinghaiOptimizing the word character hybrid LSTM language model
Nitsan GalUsing Eye-tracking to Evaluate the Effect of Working Memory Load on Spoken Word Recognition in Noise
Ana Mantecon JeneDenoising Autoencoder to Extract Deep Bottleneck Features
Elin LarsenRelating unsupervised word segmentation to reported vocabulary acquisition
Vasudha KowthaLearning from Spectrograms: CNN Feature Maps and Cortical Computations
Arwen Blackwood XimenesAcoustic-articulatory relations: the view from static and dynamic measurements of Australian English vowels.
Amber AfshanPredicting Clinical Evaluations of Childrens Speech with Limited Data Using Exemplar Word Template References
Leda SariSpeaker Adaptive Audio-Visual Fusion for Speech Recognition
Nimisha PatilComparison of Basic Beatboxing Articulations Between Expert and Novice Artists using Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Rachel AlexanderVCV Synthesis using Task Dynamics to Animate a Factor-based Articulatory Model
Sofia DilThe Process of Phonetic Tagging in the Examination of Articulatory Data
Chloé Pou-PromTalk2Me: Automatic evaluation of language tasks for determining cognitive ability
Yash-Yee K. LoganCross-Database Models for the Classification of Dysarthria Presence
Patricai ChaffeyResearching the Impact of Humanoid Robotic Learning Companions with Middle School Children
Stefanio RaimondoFlexible natural language understanding in a context-sensitive smart-home environment
Emily LiIdentifying Audio Features that Characterize TTS Corpora to Improve Naturalness in Voice Synthesis
Shruti PalaskarJoint CTC-Attention model for Speech Recognition and Summarization
Nataliya BryhadyrThe influence of mutual visibility on prosodic information structure and speech-gesture synchrony in spontaneous dyadic interactions.
Esther RamdinmawiiA Study on the Effect of Vocal Singing and Music on Mental States of Human Mind
Seema GhisinghVoicing Analysis in Indian Classical Music for Foreground Enhancement in Music Source Separation
Selen Hande KabilOn Learning to Classify Genders from Raw Speech Signal
Michelle BancroftRetrieving sentences from a target speaker conveying specific emotional content
Sandra OttlCross-Corpus sentiment analysis
Sai Sirishi RallabandiInvestigating Attention for Prosody Modeling of Larger Datasets
Caroline MehretA Rule-Based Pipeline System for Spoken CALL Shared Task

Important Dates

10 June 2017       Abstract submission deadline
20 June 2017      Notification of acceptance
5 August 2017     Registration deadline
20 August 2017   Workshop 

Organisers (alphabetical)

Contact person: Heidi Christensen (heidi.christensen@sheffield.ac.uk), University of Sheffield, UK

Abeer Alwan (alwan@ee.ucla.edu), University of California, Los Angeles, US
Kay Berkling (Berkling@dhbw-karlsruhe.de), DHBW, Karlsruhe, Germany
Catia Cucchiarini (c.cucchiarini@let.ru.nl), Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Milica Gašić (mg436@cam.ac.uk), University of Cambridge, UK
Dilek Hakkani-Tür (dilek@ieee.org), Google Research, US
Julia Hirschberg (julia@cs.columbia.edu), Columbia University, New York, US
Karen Livescu (klivescu@ttic.edu), TTIC, Chicago, US
Catharine Oertel (oertelgc@tcd.ie), KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
Odette Scharenborg (o.scharenborg@let.ru.nl), Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Isabel Trancoso (isabel.trancoso00@gmail.com), INESC-ID, Lisbon, Portugal


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