Selected Work

Destination Mars - Microsoft's Other-Worldly Experience on HoloLens

At Microsoft I worked closely with artists, programming animations and visual effects for Destination Mars, a mixed reality HoloLens experience built in collaboration with NASA that allows people to roam around and explore holographic Mars terrain built from real footage from NASA's Curiosity rover. I was also one of the techs running the Destination Mars demo at the Build 2016 conference, where it was such a popular attraction it incited a stampede of conference attendees when the doors opened on the second morning of the conference.

Lumberyard - Amazon's Open-Source AAA Game Engine

I was one of a team of three programmers who wrote the UI editor for Amazon's new cross-platform AAA game engine, Lumberyard. When I joined the team, I noticed that there was a lack of communication among teams on Lumberyard, due to being spread across three different locations. I reached out to other teams with online surveys and in-person user testing to make sure my team was building exactly what was needed. I also communicated outwardly, traveling to other locations to give demos and engaging presentations on my team's work. As a result, teams started approaching us with their needs, and other teams followed our example, improving communication across the project.

Ice Road Truckers - An Infinite Runner for PC, iPhone, and Android

At Kuma Reality Games, I led a delightful interdisciplinary team including an artist, a designer, and one other programmer besides myself. On this team, I championed and implemented innovative team processes that enhanced team communication and efficiency. As a result, my team of 4 shipped A&E's official Ice Road Truckers infinite runner game on three platforms in 6 months. 

GuildWars 2 - A Genre-Changing MMORPG

As an intern, I worked on the graphics engine team at ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2. I wrote shaders and Maya plugins, improved in-house art tools, and researched and implemented a stereoscopic 3D screenshot system that persuaded NVIDIA to use our game to demo their new 3D hardware. I also spent my spare time hanging out in the VFX artists' room asking them what their pet peeves were so I could fix those problems. One set of changes I made in a day of work ended up saving the company 20 artist-hours per day by eliminating a time-consuming step in their workflow.

Runeshift - An Entrancing 3D Slide Puzzle Game

I designed and developed this PC game with a team of three other student programmers. It's a beautiful 3D casual game in which the player reconstructs glowing runes carved in stone slide puzzles as the natural environment progresses through the seasons. I wrote the 3D graphics engine in C++, using DirectX and HLSL to implement per-pixel diffuse lighting, a simple water animation, and alpha-blended transparency. I also composed music for it, created all the UI art, and put together the trailer.