I am Ye Tian. I recently joined Amazon Cambridge Development Centre (Alexa team), working as a computational linguist. 

Prior to that I was a post-doctoral researcher at Laboratoire de linguistique formelleUniversité Paris Diderot (Paris 7), during which time my main research interest was dialogue, currently working on project DUEL (disfluencies, laughter and exclamation in natural dialogue)together with Jonathan GinzburgJulian Hough, and David Schlangen. 

Other topics I am currently working on include: 
  • Emojis in text conversations; 
  • Laughter in dialogue in clinical population and laughter development in young children; 
  • The semantics and pragmatics of polar questions and polar particles; 
  • Scalar implicatures;
  • The pragmatics and acquisition of French polar particles (Oui, Non, Si), with Ira Noveck;
  • How comprehenders access contextual relevance (Questions Under Discussion), with Chris Cummins.
Prior to my postdoc post, I was a PhD student at the linguistics department of UCL (University College London), supervised by Richard Breheny. My PhD thesis was about negation processing. 

On this site you will find some of my published work, presentations and other resources. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

News: (btw have you noticed that "news" can be an acronym of "North-East-West-South". If you draw it out, it will look like a flipped 7 and you will end up where you started :P)
  • The website of SemDial 2017 (Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue), aka SaarDial is live! Come join us! 
  • A workshop titled "Detecting and modeling emotions: semantics and sentiment analysis of social media data" took place on the 27th Jan 2017.