Programmers' Digest

One afternoon in Spring of 1972 I was walking down the hall at WCFL/Chicago and Dick Biondi waved me into the DJ office.  Dick told me he had received a phone call from someone in Nashville who wanted to start "a kind of audio magazine for broadcasters" and this person wanted to know if Dick had any old recordings of his WLS days. Dick knew that I did  (In fact one of the first tapes I ever recorded with my first Webcor was a second anniversary program Dick did on May 2, 1962.) so he asked that I phone this individual in  those "pre" e-mail days.

That was my introduction to BUDDY BLAKE and a friendship that ensued. As BUDDY's brainchild PROGRAMMER's DIGEST unfolded I began producing segments in my home studio, which BUDDY included, much to my delight. The audio magazine published for 4 years from 1972 until 1975 and, today, represents a historical capsule of radio in that era.

When I began doing this service in 1976, I asked BUDDY if I might resurrect his old "Around The Country" series as AROUND THE DIAL, and he acquiesced. I also asked if I might make the past issues of PROGRAMMERS DIGEST available via my website, and, again, BUDDY was agreeable. 

The contents of each issue are listed below. CD copies are $11.00 each plus $4 shipping worldwide for any amount. They run from 60 to 70 minutes each. Any questions please e-mail us at THANKS!


VOL. 1 # 1: Open Letter To The Industry: BUDDY BLAKE; "Anatomy of a Morning Show" with LARRY RYAN; "Comic Strips:" HUDSON & HARRIGAN; Profile: WKIX/Chattanooga with PD Pat Patterson; "A Legend In His Own Time:" Wolfman Jack; "A Madman For Breakfast:" Jay Thomas; "Those Oldies But Goodies" Dick Biondi - WLS/Chicago Nay 2, 1962; Profile: WKBW with Jefferson Kaye; "The Last Contest:" Charlie Tuna/Jack McCoy

               July 10, l972

VOL. 1 # 2: "Down Under with 3AK - Melbourne; "The Last Contest:" Jack McCoy; Jerry Adams: "Management versus Programming;"  "The Great Texas Bike Race:" Dan Earhart; "The Oldies But Goodies:" Dan Ingram; "The Agony & The Ecstasy:" Tight Playlists with Jeffries, Berns, Meyer, Paiva, Hennes and Cash; "Comic Strips:" Pat Reilly; "A Profile of Philadelphia's WFIL with PD 
Jay Cook

            August 14, 1972

VOL. 1 # 3: "Morganize and Shine Up Your Show:" Roger W. Morgan; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Buzz Bennett; "The Agony & The Ecstasy" Pt. 3 - Kal Rudman; "One Sunnyside Up:" John R. Wallin - WUBE/Cincinnati; "Bubblegum and The Osmonds:" Al Osmond; "A Bit of Britain:" Kenny Everett and Emperor Rosko; "Captain Macho:" Dan Earhart; "Under The Commission Thumb:" Bill Sanders; "Good Morning:" Don Imus - WNBC/New York

             August 28, 1972

VOL. 1 # 4: "Good Morgan:" Robert W, Morgan; "Egocentrifugal Force:" Motivating People: Tom McMurray; "Mini-Market Monster:" WJSO; "The Agony & The Ecstasy/Tight Playlists:" Claude Hall; "Comic Strips:" Russ Spooner; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Robin Scott WIL - St. Louis 1963; "Profile:" KULF/Houston with PD Bob Green; "A Raft of Races:" WKGN/Birmingham; WAYS/Charlotte; WKDA-FM/Nashville

             September 11, 1972

VOL. 1 #5: "Bwana Goes Bananas:" Bwana Johnny; "Neil Diamond Talks About Music:" Joe Sullivan; "The Morning Mayor of Chicago:" Wally Phillips;

            "Around The Country"
        Rick Steele -
          Jack Richards - WKAC
          Mike Shannon - WSTP/Salisbury
          Ken Douglas - KELI/Topeka
          Tim Byrd - WIRC/Indianapolis

"Profile:" WPDQ/Jacksonville with PD George McGovern; "Comic Strips:" Larry Ryan; "Those Oldies But Goodies" Bill Drake - WAKE/Atlanta 1961; "The Agony & The Ecstasy" Tight Playlists - Scott Shannon; "The Heath Kit:" - Tom Shovan

           September 25, 1972

VOL. 1 # 6: "On Stage:" Jonathon Moore; "I Want My Job Back, Please?" Kenny Everett; "Comic Strips:" Gary Burbank; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Cousin Bruce Morrow 1963; "Ode To A Broadcast School:" Ron Baxley; "A Candid Talk On Radio:" Charlie Murdock; 

               "Around The Country"
        Promos From these stations
San Diego

"Profile:" KJR/Seattle with PD Norm Gregory and crew

                  October 23, 1972

VOL. 1 # 7: "Profile:" KILT/Houston with PD Bill Young; "Nick Shoots From The Hip:" Nicholas Johnson, Chairman of the U.S.' Federal Communications Commission; "Checkmate:" Bill Hennes and Mike Rivers; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Dewey Phillips WHBQ/Memphis 1957; "Tuna Salad:" Charlie Tuna; "From KHEY With Care:" Bob Young; "Radio On Campus:" Mike Anzek; "It Only Hurts When I Laugh:" a comedy feature from Gary Owens

             November 6, 1972

VOL. 1 # 8:
"The Ryder Rocket Clearance:" Rick Ruder/WKKO; "Nick Shoots From The Hip:" a continuation of comments from Nicholas Johnson, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission in the U.S.; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Dave Diamond 1962; 

             "Around The Country"
           Richard Irvin,
                                South Carolina
              Terry Taylor, WNEX/Macon
               Promo from WRVU/Vanderbilt
               Don Moore, Asheville,
                                 North Carolina

"Tuna Salad:" Charlie Tuna; "A Trip To The Zoo:" WZOO; "AM/FM Simulcast:" Bill Sanders WWDC/Washington D.C.; "Newsman's Privilege;"  "Profile WAYS/Charlotte" with Jay Thomas

             November 20, 1972

VOL. 1 # 9: "Comic Strips:" PAT REILLY; "Morgan's Farewell To L.A.:" Robert W. Morgan - KHJ/Los Angeles; "Around The Country:" various promos from stations around the U.S.; "Newsman's Privilege:" Mike Rollins - WCFL/Chicago; "A Twist of Lemon:" Jack Richards & Kidd Stevens; "Oops, Sorry About That:" blooper; "Girl Talk:" Jim Cooper - WMAK/Nashville; "A Profile of KROQ in Burbank."

                December 4, 1972

   VOL. 1 # 10: "Pigskin Playoff:"  Mike Elliott WASH-FM/Washington D.C.; "The Shovan Story:" Tom Shovan; "Oops, Sorry About That:" blooper KISN/Vancouver (Portland); "Profile:" KIMN with PD Al Brady; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Joe Yocum - KFWB/Los Angeles 1963; "Newsman's Privilege:" Rudy Ruderman WNEW/New York; "Comic Strips:" Ron Ross KHYT; "Profile: WAPE/Jacksonville with PD Bill Burkett

              December 18, 1972

VOL. 1 # 11: "The Owens Glass Factory:" Gary Owens KMPC/Los Angeles; "Image Building:" Bob Young; "The First Annual State of The Industry Address:" Ken Dowe/McLendon Corporation; "With A Hearty 'Hi Ho' The Good Guys Ride Again:" Frank Stickle WMCA/New York; "A Lujack Klunker:" Larry Lujack WLS/Chicago 1971; 

                    "Around The Country"
              Don Imus
                  Gentleman Jim Carter

"Newsman's Privilege:" Jim Carolla KILT/Houston; "The Power of Production:" Dan Siemasko KQV/Pittsburgh; "A Montage of Montréal:" CFOX - CFCF - CJMS - CJAD - CKVL 

January 1, 1973    


VOL. 1 #12: "Klavan Cracks The Dawn" GENE KLAVAN WNEW/New York; "When Boss Was Boss:" Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Steele KHJ/Los Angeles 1965; "The State of The Industry:" Bob Sherman, GM/WVIC; "Howlin' With The Coyote:" Coyote McCloud WMAK/Nashville; 

                    "Around The Country"
                Dick Houser/
                 Dick Biondi WSAI/Cincinnati
                          Bill Shirk/WXLW

"Let's Play Musical Frequencies" Steve Shannon/WELK; "Please Mr. Postman" Tom Collins/WABK; Profile: WLS/Chicago with GM Mike McCormick introducing airchecks of all the WLS DJs

              January 15, 1973

VOL. 1 # 13:"This Is A Test:" EBS, Bill Vermillion at WLOF/Orlando with the most amazing "Disney World EBS Test" that the FCC finally ordered the station to desist from using!
RADIO NORDSEE: Your Friendly Neighborhood Pirate with ROB EDEN 1972; Profile of WKLO/Louisville with PD BILL HENNES presenting his station and DJs; "Southwestern MOR:" KWKH in Shreveport; "State of the Industry:" JACK McCOY at KCBQ/San Diego and SONNY MELENDREZ at KIIS/Los Angeles; "Rocky Mountain Country" KUAD; A Comic Strip with BWANNA JOHNNY; "Peace Day U.S.A." BOB TODD at WDXB

               January 29, 1973


VOL. 1 # 14: "Where The Girls Are:" CONNIE SZERSZEN WIND/Chicago; "Cheech and Chong" with RON HUNTSMAN at WKDA-FM in Nashville; "A Tribute To The President:" DAVE YOUNG/EDDIE ROY; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" DICK KEMP at WYNR/Chicago on its first day on the air of its 2 year/2 week existence! September 1, 1962; "Pirates The Era of Swashbuckling Radio Part 1:" TOM KONARD WCFL/Chicago; "Small Market News:" DAVE HALL KTFS; "Love Month" with TOM McMURRAY; "Profile WPGC:" with PD HARV MOORE

              February 12, 1973

VOL. 1 # 15: KBUY Country with Jonathan Fricke; "The Gabriel Groove:" JAN GABRIEL at WJOB/Hammond (Chicago)1967; "The Last Loser:" The Real Don Steele; "Where The Girls Are:" Kathy Gori KMPC/Los Angeles; "Camping with KOA" as presented by PD BOB RUBIN; "Major Market News:" Jim Carolla KILT/Houston; "Pirates: The Era of Swashbuckling Radio" (Part Two) Tom Konard WCFL/Chicago; "The New Haven Executioner:" Kevin McKeown WPLR-FM/New Haven

                   May 21, 1973

VOL. 1 # 16: "The World's Longest Blooper:" FRED SKELTON CFAC Frederickton, New Brunswick; "The Green Hairnet Strikes Again:" RON BRITAIN WIND/Chicago; "Pirates: The Era of Swashbucklin Radio" Part Three Tom Konard WCFL/Chicago; "Profile WYRE/Annapolis;" "A KIIS from the Coast," with KIIS-FM/Los Angeles; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Barney Pip WCFL/Chicago September 1, 1967; 13Q when WKPQ was 'JAS with DAVE DANIELS

                   June 4, 1973

VOL. 1 # 17: "The Yellow Ribbon Story:" Randy Scott and Rick Hubbard at WDAK/Columbus, Georgia; "Happy, Happy Birthday KLUNK:" Larry Lujack celebrates his birthday with engineer SPACEY DAVE at WCFL/Chicago; "Promos For The People and The Nightcrawlers:" WMAK/Nashville and WRIT/Milwaukee; "Profile WCRO/Johnstown" (Pennsylvania); "Pirates: The Era of Swashbuckling Radio" Part Four: Tom Konard WCFL/Chicago; The Ajax Comic Strip with HUDSON & LANDRY at KGBS/Los Angeles; A Montage of Miami: WIOD - WQAM - WCMQ - WSHE - WFUN - WWOK - WBUS - WFAB and WMYQ

                   June 18, l973

VOL. 1 # 18 "Pirates: The Era of Swashbuckling Radio" Part Five: Tom Konard WCFL/Chicago; "Kids Say The Darndest Things:" Jon Fricke/WMC; "Where The Girls Are:" Michele At Midnight WKLS-FM/Atlanta; "How To Do A Morning Show:" Pat Reilly WIFE/Indianapolis; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Bud Connell WNOE/New Orleans 1960; 

                 "Around The Country"
             WRC/Washington D. C.
             WMOD/Washington D. C.

                 July 2, 1973

VOL. 2 # 1 "L.A. Zinger:" Hudson, Landry, Morgan and Friends/KGBS; "So, You Think YOU'VE Got A Problem?" Johnny Marks; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Peter Tripp WMGM/New York 1958; "Analysis of A Pro:" Charlie Van Dyke WLS/Chicago, Dick Houser/WVJS; "P" Is For Production: Jack McCoy KCBQ/San Diego; "How's Your Funnybone?" Robert Orben; 
              "Around The Country"
 New Orleans: WIXO, WTIX, WRNO, WNOE
    Philadelphia: WIBG, WFIL, WAMS
               Atlanta: WQXI
               Louisville: WKLO
           New York: WABC, WPLJ

                 July 16, 1973

VOL. 2 # 2: "Little Things Mean A Lot:" KGBS/Los Angeles; "Yesterday And Today:" JIM STAGG through 4 stations up to the present at WMAQ/Chicago; "Sounds of the Secondary Market:" KMKF Manhattan, Kansas; "Radio Looks At Radio:" Stan Kaplan; "Profile" WAYS/Charlotte with PD Jay Thomas; 

             "Around The Country"
     Cleveland Wheeler WAPE/Jacksonville
      Dick Bennick WGTO/Cypress Gardens
       Jefferson Stone WGOW/Chattanooga
        Allen Dennis WDXB/Chattanooga
       Johnny Walker WDXB/Chattanoga
       John Driscoll WIFE/Indianapolis
      Bill Eider WVLD/Valdosta, Georgia

                 July 30, 1973

VOL. 2 #3: Profile: WKGN/Knoxville; "Radio Looks At Radio" Pt. 2 w/Stan Kaplan;
           "Around The Country"
    Phil Murphy -
WSPT/Stevens Point        
    Jim Battan -
      Jim Kerr - WLS/Chicago
      Scott Cassidy - WWOL/Buffalo
      Kris Earl Phillips - WLLH/Lowell
      Dennis Turner - KITY-FM/San Antonio
"Comic Strips" with PETE BARRY; Radio Syndi-
"Little Things Mean A Lot:" Chris Glendon of
WAPE; "A Legend Hangs It Up:" John Richbourg at Nashville's WLAC; A Profile of
KSFO/San Francisco with Alan Newman

            August 13, 1973

VOL. 2 #4:
"Everything You Always WantedTo Win" John Long/WAVZ - New Haven; "On
Contests and Promotion" Tom McCall/KBUY;
"Newsmen Are Really Human?" KIRO / Seattle;
"The Clown Prince of Boston" - Dale Dorman /
"Those Oldies But Goodies:" Pete 
Dreyer/WNOX - Knoxville 1959;
tion, Sales and Programming:" WMAK / 
"Profile:" WMEX/Boston with PD
Bill Rock
and staff

                  August 27, 1973

VOL. 2 #5: "Once Over Lightly" Robert O. Smith - KTAC/Tacoma; "One More Way To Editorialize" Ron Huntsman - WKDA-FM/Nashville; "The Sainte:Par Four" DICK SAINTE through 4 stations to WCFL/Chicago; "Country Is Family" Woody Windham - WCOS-FM; 

            "Around The Country"
         Bob Craig -
Bill Colman - WPOP/Hartford
           Dennis Quinn - WPIX-FM/New York
           Walt "Baby" Love - WXLO/New York
           "Big" Wilson - WNBC/New York
            Dan Ingram - WABC/New York
         "Super" Shane - WLEE/Richmond
            Bob May - KKJO/St. Joseph
            Jeff Stevens - KKJO/St. Joseph
            Cousin Dudley - 1ZH/Hamilton
                                           (New Zealand)

"Production Tricks of the Trade:" Bill Love - WKLO/Louisville; "In The Shadow of A Giant:" Greg Brown PD of a class A FM 40 miles from Chicago explains how they compete under the umbrella of 50kw signals

                 September 10, 1973
VOL. 2 # 6: "Saga of The Flying Dutchman"
The Don Wade Studio" KOL/Seattle; "Profile:" WFLI - Chattanooga; "Late Word on the Jolly Roger:" Pirate Update

       "Philadelphia In The Morning"
      WFIL - WIP - WIBG - WCAU -
                KYW - WPEN

"Comic Strips:" Johnny Walker - WDXB;
"Profile:" KIRO/Seattle with PD Jon Holiday

           September 24, 1973

VOL. 2 # 7:

        "Philadelphia In The Morning"
                     Part Two
         WHAT - WCAU-FM - WRCP -
                WDAS-FM - WMMR

"Country In The City:" WHN/New York; "From A Sales Pro:" S. David Silvert/WOML; "The Wolfman Howls:" WOLFMAN JACK/WNBC;
"So Long To A Nice Guy:" JIM CROCE (WMAK)
"Anatomy of A Morning Show:" Phil Murphy -
WSPT/Stevens Point;
"The Star Spangberg Banner:" Rex Miller - WNOX/Knoxville - 1966; "From KCBQ/San Diego with Rock!"

               October 8, 1973

VOL. 2 # 8: "Little KHJ;"  "The Best of Nixon & Dixon," Larry Dixon and Chris Glendon/WAPE; "How To Handle Forbidden Places:" KKJO/St. Joseph; " Chicago Country" WJJD; "All Night Superman:"VCharlie Douglas - WWL/New Orleans

               "Around The Country"
            Dave McKay -
               Mike Black - WVFV/Dundee
               Lee Sommers - WZGC/Atlanta
               Jim Dehart - KPUR/Amarillo
               Bob Hooper - KSTT/Davenport
               KXTZ-FM/Los Angeles
               Neale Blase - KKDJ/Los Angeles

"Those Oldies But Goodies:" Gary Owens - KFWB/Los Angeles 1962; "Profile:" KFRC - San Francisco

            October 22, 1973

VOL. 2 # 9:Air War in Britain Pt. 1: "The sign-on of LBC News" October 8, 1973; "Mini-Market Monster: WCBQ in Oxford, North Carolina; The Scott Ross Show; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Gene Taylor - WLS/Chicago 1960; Gary Gears reminisces; "Fantasy In Pittsburgh:" Bob Harper - KQV; "Thanksgiving Rip-Off:" KILT/Houston; "Comic Strip:" Don Wade; "Black Radio in D. C.;" WOOK/Washington D. C.

             November 5, 1973

VOL. 2 # 10: Air War in Britain Pt. 2: "Capital Radio;" Radio Rip-Off: Production YOU can use; Jingle Review: Kentel IBS; Profile: WIFE/Indianapolis; "When The Cat's Away:" Danny Martinez - WXLO/New York; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Alan Freed WJW - Cleveland 1954; "Blow A Kiss To An Engineer:" Dan Siemasko - KQV/Pittsburgh; "The Cosmopolitan Side of Burt Reynolds;" "You Say You Haven't Been Discovered Yet?" - "Electric Weenie In Your Ear:" Tom Adams - WIOD/Miami

             November 19, 1973

VOL. 2 # 11: "I Had A Dream:" Dave Donahue/WITL; "The ROK of Rockford:" Dave Hamilton PD WROK/Rockford; "A Blast From The Past:" Two newscasts WNOE/New Orleans 1962 & KBOX/Dallas 1961; "Comic Strips:" Pete Barry "The Flying Dutchman" in Baltimore; "Bubble Gum For Heavy Breathers:" Tom Shovan; WWDC/Washington D. C. "Waves The Flag;" "Jingle Review: Virgo I;" "The Solid Gold Format:" Tom Konard; "Radio Rip-Off;" Gary Gears; "Profile: WNOE/New Orleans

               December 3, 1973

VOL. 2 # 12: "Profile:" WGNG/Pawtucket; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" B. Mitchell Reed - WMCA/New York 1963; "Comic Strip:" Phil Murphy - WSPT/Stevens Point; "Radio Rip-Off:" New Year's; "Stealing:" Jack Crawford - WKDA/Nashville;"U-2 Over Ken Griffin:" Gary Powers/KGIL; "Drake Lightning Strikes Twice:" K-100/KIQQ-FM/Los Angeles; "News With A Flair:" Evan Carl WWOK; "Profile:" WOKY/Milwaukee with PD Bob Collins; "A New Year's Resolution" Paul Harvey

               December 17, 1973

VOL. 2 #13:
"Vintage Charlie Tuna" at KOMA/Oklahoma City 1966; "My Fellow Americans:" Chris Glendon WAPE/Jacksonville; "Comic Strip:" Robert O. Smith KTAC/Tacoma; "'twas the night before:" Jerry Daniels/WCSS; "Morning Madness" with Pat Murphy at WMOD/Washington D. C.; Paul Harvey News;

       "Country Around the Country"
         King Edward IV WSLC/
                 Tim Rowe WGBG/Greensboro
              Denis Ackerman KWJJ/Portland
                    Chuck Finley/WKGX/Lenoir
                   Hal McCain KFOX/Long Beach

Profile: WINZ/Miami

           December 31, 1973

VOL. 2 #14: "Profile" WCOS in Columbia, South Carolina;

           "Around The Country"
         Lee Masters WAKY/Louisville
        Paul Sebastian WLOB/Portland
         Mike Lana KSTT/Davenport
       Cleveland Wheeler WAYS/Charlotte
           Kevin McKeown San Diego
        Coyote Calhoun WAKY/Louisville

Frank Sinatra Special with WILLIAM B. WILLIAMS at WNEW/New York; "Profile:" WMC/Memphis; "Cleveland After Midnight;" (airchecks of all-night Cleveland); "The Last Pitcher Show:" GARY BURBANK WAKY/Louisville; "Vantage Point News:" EVAN CARL WWOK/Miami; "Profile:" WRC/Washington D. C. with PD DAN CLAYTON presenting his station and air personalities.

                  January 14, 1974


VOL. 2 # 15 (Part One): "Profile:" KLIV/San José; "Operation Spotcheck:" with WJDX, WDVH and WSLI; "MIA: A Forgotten Cause?" LEE ROGERS at KLAK/Lakewood (Denver);

              "Around The Country"
        Dr. Don Rose KFRC/San Francisco
            The Janitor WKBW/Buffalo
           Super Foxx WERC/Birmingham
           Charlie Tuna KKDJ/Los Angeles
           Johnny Dark WTIX/New Orleans
             Bwana Johnny WFUN/Miami
             Steve Lundy KROQ/Burbank

"In The Public Interest: Editorialize" JEFF LEE WLAC/Nashville; "Tell Your Headache to Take a Powder" BOB RAY KLIV/San José

VOL. 2 # 15 (Part Two); "Profile:" KRAE/Cheyenne; "Services And Product:" News Aid/Jingles; "Comic Strip" DALE DORMAN WRKO/Boston; "Mississippi Ghost Ship:" WJX/Jackson; "Air Raid Over London:" KENNY EVERETT/DAVE CASH interviewing Paul and Linda McCartney

                     April, l974

VOL. 2 # 16 (Part One): "The Continuing Story of Nixon and Dixon" Chris Glendon KBEQ/Kansas City and Larry Dixon WAPE/Jacksonville; Profile Country: KCMZ/Ashland, Oregon; "Streaking Freaks;" Bill Love WKLO/Louisville, Jon Fricke KFOX/Long Beach; Bill Hennes CKLW/Windsor' Dave McDougall WCOS;

              "Around The Country"   
          Rick Dees WSGN/Birmigham
          Kent Newton WBSR/Pensacola
            Lee Rogers KLAK/Denver
            John Young KILT/Houston
             Jim Scott WPTR/Albany
           Ron Baxley WKLA-FM/Atlanta
       Bruce Rhoades Y-100/Ft. Lauderdale
            Rick Patton WHK/Cleveland
             Bruce Clark KIMN/Denver
        Glen Swinford KNIN/Wichita Falls
        Roberta W. Morgan WABY/Albany
          A. J. D'Lano WABY/Albany
          Tom Watson CKGM/Montréal
        Rick Hughes WLAV/Grand Rapids

VOL. 2 #16 (Part Two) "Operation Spotcheck:"  KULF/Houston; WVIC/Chattanooga; WAPE/Jacksonville; "Contests and Promotions:" WFIL/Philadelphia; KILT-FM/Houston; KTAC/Tacoma; "Comic Strip:"  VIC SWAN/WONS; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Johnny Dark WAKE/Atlanta 196l; "Get Off:" National Association of Professional Radio Announcers, Inc.; "Profile" KFRC/San Francisco

                  May, 1974

VOL. 3 # 1 (Part One): "Gate City News With Color:" KFRC/San Francisco; "Successful Commercial Production:" KNIE/Cheyenne; "Space Dave and The Cosmic Comedian:" Larry Lujack WCFL/Chicago; "Canadian Country" CKBY-FM with George Pollard;

             "Around The Country"
       Pat Murphy WMOD/Washington DC"
           Tom Kent WHBQ/Memphis
         Jim Knight WONS/Tallahassee
        Charlie Chase WSGN/Birmingham   
         Rich Erickson KSTT/Davenport
        Tiger Tim Radio Clyde/Scotland
          P. J. Walker WOGW/Columbus
            Tom Snyder WGOM/Marion
          The Greaseman WPOP/Hartford
            Bob Hooper KSLQ/St. Louis
            Michael Butts KIMN/Denver

VOL. 3 # 1 (Part Two):
"Oider Wavelength;" "Bottoms Up:" WRVU/Valderbilt University student station; "Hi-Low Re-Programmed" WPOP/Hartford;  "Operation Spotcheck:"  Rick Steele WBCM/Baltimore; Ron Britton WAVZ/New Haven; Ric Sebastian WLOB/Tuscaloosa; Dan O'Day WPIC/San Francisco; "Havoc With A Capital "H:" Coyote McCloud WMAK/Nashville and Coyote McCloud WAKY/Louisville; "Chicago By Air" an overview of the Chicago market featuring all of its stations narrated by Michael Black KONO/San Antonio (produced by Tom Konard WCFL/Chicago and now offered as one of the Aircheck Factory profiles)

                          July, 1974
VOL. 3 # 2 (Part One): "The Magnificent Mechanical Man" CHARLIE TUNA KHJ/Los Angeles; "Community Involvement" Tom Allen, PD of KBOX/Dallas; "American Forces Network Guam" with David Bruce, PD; "Those Oldies But Goodies:" Buzz Bennett WTIX/New Orleans 1967;

               "Around The Country"
 "Murphy In The Morning" WMAK/Nashville
        Eric Stone KGMQ/Honolulu
       Corky Mayberry WMAQ/Chicago
       Robert O/ Smith KTAC/Tacoma
          Bill Gable CKLW/Windsor
         Paxton Mills WIXY/Cleveland
      Camille WWDC/Washington D. C.
       John St. John WVOV/Huntsville
    "Marvelous" Mark KFRC/San Francisco

                   May, 1975


VOL. 3 # 2 (Part Two): "Comic Strips" O'Day & Ronnie WIPC/Lake Wales, Florida; Van Winkle & Lee WLAC/Nashville; Jay Thomas WAYS/Charlotte; "Radio Review" NEW PRODUCT: Jam Productions (jingles) Paul Allen; Chicago Radio Syndicate; "Profile" WROK "The "rock" of Rockford (Illinois); "Profile" Metromedia's WDHF/Chicago; PAT REILLY voice drop-in demo

                            May 1975


 With the double issue of May, 1975, after a 10 month absence following the July, 1974 issue, PROGRAMMERS DIGEST was put to "rest." In its era, PROGRAMMERS DIGEST was a unique radio item, and it was really thanks to creator BUDDY BLAKE that the germ of the idea for this concept began.  Remaining copies, on LP, deteriorated due to improper storage and any existing today have become collectors' items.

  The series has proven to be a genuine time capsule for radio buffs! For BUDDY BLAKE it was a labor of love.

        THANKS, BUDDY!