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Yesler 2007-2008 progress report 

Yesler Creek 2006-2007 

UW Restoration Ecology Capstone Project (ESRM 462, 463, 464):


1. UW-REN receives a Request For Proposal (RFP) form from potential clients.

2. Potential clients talks to students about sites that need to be restored.

3. Students choose site, form teams, and start collaborating with the client(s).

4. Restoration team members review RFP and conduct site analysis.

5. Restoration team create site proposal and submit for client review.


6. Restoration team create a detailed work plan and submits it for client review.

7. Prepare site for implementing the work plan.

8. Submit equipment and material support needs to client.


9. Start implementing the project.

10. Build stewardship through community outreach. Produce stewardship plan.

11. Brief client on stewardship plan.

12. Produce As-Built report.