Team Documents and Policies

Yeshua’s Warriors Time-Out Policy

Effective Date June 7th, 2012

To be effective in our efforts to move up the team ladder Captains and Co-Captains can invest a good bit of time setting up games and managing players.  Timeouts can be extremely detrimental to our efforts.

We as Captain and Co-Captain(s) desire to be fair  in dealing with timeouts.  Some things that have made dealing with timeouts difficult is a too complicated Time-Out Policy  and team members that do not respond to questions regarding their timeout.

As a result we have adjusted our Time-Out Policy and Reinstatement Policy to make it simpler and more fair.

Time-Out Policy:

1. Anyone who times out will be removed from the team pending a review of the reason for the time-out(s) by the Captain and Co-Captain(s).

Reinstatement Policy:

1. Anyone who has been removed from the team may request reinstatement to the team at any time by sending a message to the Captain or Co-Captain(s).

2. The person requesting reinstatement must provide adequate evidence of extenuating circumstance as a reason for their time-out(s).

3. The person requesting the reinstatement must give adequate  steps they are taking to prevent future time-outs.

4. The Captain and Co-Captain(s) will review the reinstatement request, and decide whether to reinstate.

New Member Policy:

1. A person requesting membership team must demonstrate that they do not have a  time-out problem.  A person with a high percentage of time-outs or with a time-out in the previous year will not be accepted.

2. A person accepted as a new member who has less than 100 total games must agree to set their “Days per Move” for all games to a minimum of 5.

Suggestions to help prevent time-out(s).

By adjusting the following settings it will help us as Captain and Co-Captain(s) to not select you for team games, to which you will not be able to give adequate attention.  If you have too many games going your name will be removed from the roster of available players until you have completed some of your games.  It will then be re-added so that you  may be selected for more team games.

Below are some suggestions on steps to take to prevent time-out(s):

1. Adjust your number of team matches:

Set the number of team matches to be played to a level which you can manage.  Too many matches can sometimes cause a person to make moves in a hasty manner, I have to admit sometimes I fall into this category of having too many games:

TEAMS Settings link:



2. Adjust the number of “Days per Move”:

Set the time you wish to play the team matches.  Increasing the “Days per Move” will give you more to make your moves if something comes up where you cannot get to Gameknot to make your moves.

NOTE: Team games can only be set to 3, 5, or 7 “Days per Move”.  If you set your Days per Move higher we will not be able to select you for a team game.

GAMEKNOT Settings Link:  Set Time Limit:

The time limit is found under the “» Automatic challenge decline rules”

Automatic Challenge Decline Rules Link:  Decline match limits:


3. Use a Postponement (vacation flag):

When you will be on vacation or not able to get to your computer you can delay your games by using a vacation flag.  By using this flag you will not have to make moves in your games until you return.

NOTE: Be aware that you are restricted on how frequently you can use a vacation flag based on the number of days you select to delay your games.

Game Postponement Link:  Postpone Games: