Virtual Worlds Engineering:
Internet, Metaverse and Society

Dr. Yesha Sivan

Afeka – Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management


The Metaverse world – while still in its initial phase – is becoming a key to the internet industry.  The Metaverse is a parallel 3-Dimensional world in which people act, work, and – mostly – have fun.  Leading organizations like IBM, Toyota and Dell are already active in this world.  The Metaverse was born out of the world of gaming and the world of the participatory web (web 2.0).  The goal of the course is to acquaint students with key concepts, and key patterns on the Metaverse.  The course will deal with:


  • Get to know the virtual worlds: Wow, Second Life,. There, IMVU, Habbo.
  • Get to know the engineering challenges in the technology and business sides.
  • Practical experience in building products, services, and work plans for the Metaverse.

 The course will be based on classroom demos and home work.  Ohh yes.  You do get academic credit for playing games!!.  Warning: the Metaverse can be very addictive.  Please be aware of that. 



70% - actual work in the Metaverse

30% - test (mainly concepts).



Yesha blog:

General info see:

Specific info re the Metavers:


Syllabus (draft – subject to change)


No.      Lesson

1-Course review, goals, method of teaching, demos

2-Open account, what can be done, what to pay attention to

3-Technology challenges from server to client

4-Technology challenges: focus on the server

5-Technology challenges: focus on the Client

6-3D review

7-Social review – ICQ, IMVU, MySpace

8-The strong force (XXX)

9-The Metaverse economy

10-What is missing?

11-Linking the virtual world with the real world – see wii video

12-The future is hear – the next 50 years (ala Kurzweil and Singularity)

13-Summary and test preparation


We will not deal with this.  But you can play it here... ha ha


2006-7 - Semeser B

Course #: 80807

Sunday 16:00-18:00

 Ficus 3rd floor (302)