My Dream
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               My name is yessy im in the nineth grade in RHS.My interest of this is   gettin a good grade and getting people to read my my page. Now im in the summer bridge program because i want to earn credits and to be ahead of everybody is fun and it educates us.I take math and english classes.                                                                                                                                                        My goal after high school is i want to go to college at UC Berkeley  I want to be a math teacher, because i think that is a good job. I like to teach and i think thats a good way to help people. Ilike to help people. I would also like to be a nurse because I think thats a good job. 


                      To achieve my goals what i need to do here at RHS ,i think that if i ask teachers about their experiences that could help me make a desition about whats better for me to be a teacher or a nurse.However i could ask them about their opinion about  what they think about being a teacher.How does it feels to be a teacher.I think that I could also take classes of math  and i could take programs.Start practicing how to talk in public so when it gets my turn i dont be that shy.