2009 African Synod

2009 Second African Synod

First announced by Pope John Paul II in 2004, the Second African Synod will be held at the Vatican from October 4-25, 2009.  The Theme for the synod is "The Church in Africa at the Service of Reconciliation, Justice and Peace," with scriptural reference to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount - "You are the salt of the earth, you are the light of the world" (Matt 5:18). 
Over three days in February 2006, African Bishops and Roman prelates serving on the secretariat of the Synod of Bishops' Special Council for Africa met to establish the framework for the 2009 Synod.  The resulting Lineamenta was released in June 2006.  The Synod of Bishops is currently responding to the Instrumentum Laboris or working document that Pope Benedict brought personally to Cameroon in March 2009. 
U.S. Catholics can be involved in the Second African Synod in many ways, most notable through praying for the African Bishops and all of our Catholic brothers and sisters in Africa. 
In addition, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Catholic Task Force on Africa, the Africa Faith and Justice Network, local dioceses and a variety of missionary orders will be hosting awareness events on the African Church, reconciliation, justice and peace, and the synod itself throughout 2009.  Twinning dioceses are encouraged to be in prayer and dialogue about the Second African Synod. contact your local diocesan offices to encourage your local diocese to become involved in these global grassroots efforts. 

Catholic Task Force for Africa, "Together with Africa: A Celebration of Hope" 

Edited Fr. Rocco Puopolo, s.x. (director@afjn.org) 08/09