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This website was put together as a preparation for the Second Special Assembly of Bishops for Africa with the Theme “The Church in Africa in service to reconciliation, justice and peace:  You are the salt of the earth… you are the light of the world.”  You may click the link on the right to have access to the preparatory work, the actual message of the Synod, the propositions and follow up reflections, commentaries and events.

Also, in November 2011,  the document "JUSTICE IN THE WORLD"
will be 40 years old!!!   It was the fruit of the FIRST SYNOD OF BISHOPS in 1971 and refined the thinking on Justice and Peace at the Vatican Council.  It sparked the creation of many of the Justice and Peace initiatives throughout our world that we  see working for Justice today.  Beginning February of 2011, this website will post reflections on how this document has made impacts, especially for AFRICA.  

As an exercise in continued Solidarity with this Church in Africa that we know and love, we provide this web as a kind of one stop shop.   We have offered some background on the connections that exist between our churches and peoples, the many partnerships, twinning relationships that bind us.  We list the many missionary communities that are present in Africa.  There is a section that focuses on the Synod and we hope to receive and share here reflections from the continent with you.  And of course we  pray for the gift of the Spirit that will grace this assembly.  There are also resources and links with Universities and other Advocacy groups that can help with better understanding of and engagement with Africa.
This initiative is the work of the Catholic Task Force on Africa, a Washington DC based group of advocates who come together monthly to share our work, passion and perspective with each other on behalf of our many constituents who are working for justice and peace in Africa.
We offer this to you as a way of being:
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Justice in the World 
Document on Justice and Peace that was the result of the 1971 Synod of Bishops
Reflections on 40 years of Work for Justice

Vatican City, Rome, October 4 to 25, 2009.

 Fr. Rocco and Don Barthelemy Adoukonou                            

12. “Outside forces, in complicity with men and women on the African continent, exploit the wounded state of the human heart, a condition not exclusive to African society. They fuel wars so as to sell arms. They back those in power, irrespective of human rights and democratic principles, so as to guarantee economic benefit (the exploitation of natural resources, the acquisition of important markets, etc.). They threaten to destabilize entire nations and to eliminate persons who wish to free themselves from their oppression.”

                                       ******* INSTRUMENTUM LABORIS 2009