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I am Jacob Andrews, an Anglican Christian living, studying, ministering, and experiencing God's grace and glory in Chicago and in the Heavenly Kingdom.  Here you'll find information about me, my writing and ministry, and about a few things I take an interest in.

About Me is self-explanatory.  It also has information on my livejournal (The Chiastic Sarcast) and my twitter (yeruvan), which I update much more regularly than this website.

Under Ministry you'll find some information about the various ministries I'm a part of in Chicago.

Under Writings you'll find things I've written, primarily with a religious theme.

In Vahangwa are the writings specifically related to Vahangwa, which is an "imaginary world" or "mythic past" of my making.  Here is also contained grammars and other writings on the languages of Vahangwa.

Under Music you will find writing about that art, some of my own compositions, and recordings of myself playing music. My special interests are Christian music (especially traditional American hymnody, but with a good deal of contemporary music as well) and traditional Irish and Scottish music.

Links contains direction to other websites you might find some interest in.  I do, at least.

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