Group website can be found hereWe are looking for talented students. Potential PhD students should apply to both ECE / FOE and NGS at NUS. Please indicate me as a potential supervisor and also email me your CV.


  • Singapore Neuroscience Association Young Neuroscientist Award, 2018
  • PRNI Best Paper Runner-Up, 2018
  • National Research Foundation Fellowship, 2017
  • NUS Young Researcher Award, 2017
  • NeuroImage Best Paper Finalist, 2015
  • NUS Young Investigator Award, 2015
  • MICCAI Young Investigator Publication Impact Award, 2011
  • MICCAI Young Scientist Finalist, 2008
  • MICCAI Young Scientist Award, 2007
  • A*STAR National Science Scholarship, 2004-2009
  • Review Editor, Elife, 2019-Now
  • Handling Editor, NeuroImage, 2016-Now
  • Organizing Committee, Summer Whistler Workshop on Brain Functional Organization, Connectivity & Behavior, 2018-2019
  • Local Organizing Committee, OHBM, 2017-2018
  • OHBM COBIDAS (Committee on Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing) member, 2014-2016
  • Nicole Kuek (lab manager)
  • Valeria Kebets (postdoc)
  • Angela Tam (postdoc)
  • Jingwei Li (PhD)
  • Tong He (PhD)
  • Jianzhong Chen (PhD)
  • Xiaolu Kong (PhD)
  • Aihuiping Xue (PhD)
  • Lijun An (PhD)
  • Minh Binh Nguyen (RA)
  • Qing Yang (RA)
  • Yan Rui Tan (RA) 
  • Shaoshi Zhang (undergrad)
We are currently supported by Singapore MOE Tier 2 (MOE2014-T2-2-016), NUS Strategic Research (DPRT/944/09/14), NUS SOM Aspiration Fund (R185000271720), Singapore NMRC (CBRG/0088/2015), NUS YIA and the Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellowship (Class of 2017). Our research also utilized resources provided by the Center for Functional Neuroimaging Technologies, P41EB015896 and instruments supported by
 1S10RR023401, 1S10RR019307, and 1S10RR023043 from the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at the Massachusetts General Hospital. 
Our computational work was partially performed on resources of the National Supercomputing Centre, Singapore (

  • Rajan Kashyap (postdoc; 2016 to 2018)
  • Siyi Tang (RA; 2017 to 2018)
  • Dragana Pavlovic (postdoc; 2016 to 2018)
  • Jianxiao Wu (undergrad+masters; 2015 to 2018)
  • Jeremy Casorso (masters intern from EPFL; 2017 to 2018)
  • Alisia Chee (undergrad; 2017 to 2018)
  • Romy Lorenz (visiting postdoc from Imperial College; 2017)
  • Wang Ke (lab manager; 2016 to 2017)
  • Muhammad Anwar (undergrad; 2016 to 2017)
  • Chu-Ming Chang (undergrad; 2016 to 2017) 
  • Wenyan Hu (undergrad; 2016 to 2017) 
  • Wang Chi (undergrad; 2016 to 2017) 
  • Peng Wang (postdoc; 2016 to 2016)
  • Buu Vinh Tang (masters; 2015 to 2017) 
  • Ryan Fong (undergrad; 2015 to 2016)
  • Rensheng Liu (undergrad; 2015 to 2016) 
  • Xilin Jiang (undergrad; 2015 to 2016) 
  • Bin Bin Tang (RA; 2015 to 2015) 

Seed-based Functional Connectivity of Prefrontal Cortex

                    More videos at:

  • 1/2019: Our neural mass model paper is out at Science Advances [free download]

  • 1/2019: Welcome Lijun An to our group

  • 11/2018: Our paper on default network sub-specialization is out at PNAS [pdf]

  • 10/2018: Review with Simon Eickhoff & Sarah Genon on Imaging-Based Brain Parcellations is out at Nature Reviews Neuroscience [pdf]

  • 09/2018: Thomas presented Ruby's work on individual-specific cortical parcellations at RSBC

  • 09/2018: Thomas received the Singapore Neuroscience Association Young Neuroscientist Award

  • 09/2018: Welcome Angela to our group

  • 09/2018: Our paper on connector hubs tuning modularity and optimizing behavioral performance is out at Nature Human Behavior [pdf]

  • 08/2018: Welcome Aihuiping to our group.

  • 06/2018: Welcome Shaoshi to the group

  • 06/2018: Lucina Uddin (University of Miami), Nathan Spreng (McGill), Danilo Bzdok (RWTH Aachen) visited our group.

  • 06/2018: Congrats to He Tong for best paper award runner-up at PRNI

  • 06/2018: Our paper on individual-specific cortical networks is out at Cerebral Cortex [free download] 

  • 06/2018: Thomas presented Alex's, Ruby's and Peng's work on brain parcellations and dynamics at PRNI

  • 05/2018: Our paper on mapping between MNI152/Colin27 and fsaverage is now out in HBM [pdf]

  • 05/2018: Welcome Yan Rui to our group

  • 04/2018: Congrats to Siyi for admittance into Stanford EE PhD program

  • 03/2018: Thomas presented Alex's and Ruby's work on brain parcellation at Whistler's workshop

  • 02/2018: Thomas presented Xiuming's and Nanbo's work on Alzheimer's Disease subtypes at EUROPOND 2018

  • 12/2017: Our paper on interpreting dynamic functional connectivity is out in NeuroImage [pdf]

  • 12/2017: Michael Breakspear (QIMR Berghofer) visited our group

  • 11/2017: Our paper on the diverse club is out in Nature Communications [pdf]

  • 10/2017: CM Ting (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) visited our group

  • 08/2017: JB Poline (McGill) and Russ Poldrack (Stanford) visited our group

  • 08/2017: Welcome Valeria, Jianzhong, Xiaolu, Qing Yang, Jeremy and Alisia to our group

  • 08/2017: Thomas started his NRF fellowship on mental disorder subtypes

  • 07/2017: Our new local-global cortical parcellation is out in Cerebral Cortex [pdf]

  • 07/2017: Welcome Nicole Kuek to our group

  • 04/2017: Thomas received the NUS Young Researcher Award

  • 03/2017: Our commentary on multiscale neuroscience is out in Neuron [pdf]

  • 03/2017: Welcome Siyi Tang to our group

  • 03/2017: Lucina Uddin (University of Miami) visited our group

  • 02/2017: Congrats to Gia for admittance into Cornell ECE PhD program

  • 02/2017: Our commentary on best practices in data analysis and sharing in neuroimaging using MRI is out in Nature Neuroscience [pdf]

  • 02/2017: Tom Nichols (Warwick) visited our group

  • 11/2016: Congrats to Xilin for Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford

  • 11/2016: Itamar Kahn (Technion) visited our group

  • 10/2016: Our paper on latent atrophy factors in Alzheimer's Disease is out in PNAS [free download[NUS press release] [MGH press release] [science daily] [upi]

  • 08/2016: Our paper on the collapsed variation Bayes inference of the author-topic model is out in PRNI [pdf]

  • 08/2016: Welcome Wenyan Hu, Tong He, Chu-Ming Chang and Csaba Orban to our team

  • 07/2016: Daniel Rueckert (Imperial College) visited our group

  • 07/2016: Commentary with Simon Eickhoff (Heinrich-Heine) is out in Nature [commentary pdf] [scientific american, huffington post, vice, popular science, geekwire]

  • 07/2016: Welcome Minh Binh Nguyen and Ke Wang to our team

  • 06/2016: Congrats to Ruby for OHBM merit abstract award

  • 06/2016: Welcome Rajan Kashyap to our team

  • 05/2016: Congrats to Ruby and Xiuming for the ISMRM educational awards

  • 05/2016: Daniel Alexander (UCL), Jonathan Polimeni (HMS), Steve Smith (Oxford) and Anastasia Yendiki (HMS) visited our group

  • 05/2016: Welcome Peng Wang and Muhammad Anwar to our team

  • 04/2016: Simon Eickhoff (Heinrich-Heine) visited our group

  • 03/2016: Suzanne Haber (University of Rochester) visited our group

  • 02/2016: Welcome Dragana Pavlovic to our team

  • 01/2016: Thomas is now editor of NeuroImage

  • 01/2016: Rodolphe Sepulchre (Cambridge) visited our group

  • 01/2016: Our paper on the genetic architecture of cortical networks is out in PNAS [pdf] [medicalxpress news]

  • 11/2015: Our paper on the modular and integrative structure of the human brain is out in PNAS [pdf] [Berkeley press release]

  • 11/2015: Welcome Raphael Liegeois to our team

  • 10/2015: Commentary with Avram Holmes (Yale) is out in Nature Neuroscience [commentary pdf] [Steve's awesome paper]

  • 08/2015: Welcome Jingwei Li, Nanbo Sun, Rensheng Liu to our team

  • 05/2015: Daniel Margulies (Max Planck) visited our group

  • 05/2015: Welcome Jianxiao Wu, Binbin Tang and Yuanhao Gong to our team

  • 03/2015: Tom Nichols (Warwick) visited our group

  • 03/2015: Congrats to Alex for being awarded the German DAAD Postdoctoral Fellowship 

  • 03/2015: Our paper on predicting sleep deprivation vulnerability with functional connectivity is out in Neuroimage [pdf]

  • 02/2015: New MOE Tier 2 grant for estimating brain networks from resting-state fMRI and meta-analytic fMRI

  • 02/2015: Congrats to Xiuming for admittance into MIT EECS PhD program

  • 01/2015: Welcome Buu Vinh Tang to our team

  • 10/2014: Our meta-analysis of 10,449 imaging experiments is out in Cerebral Cortex [pdf] [interactive ontology]

  • 09/2014: New NUS Strategic Research Grant for studying memory networks in rodents and primates

  • 08/2014: Polina Golland (MIT) visited our group

  • 08/2014: Welcome Ruby Ru, Xiuming Zhang and Ngo Hoang Gia to our team

  • 07/2014: Welcome Alex Schaefer to our team