To all musician and music learner out there, presenting i-Metronome, a simple yet powerful metronome app that can help you in practicing your rhythmic skills. i-Metronome combines an accurate metronome and BMP counter. It also comes with a saving functionality that allows you to store the tempo of your favourite songs.

If you have any good ideas or suggestion on making i-Metronome a better app, do drop an email to yeosleeappsupport@gmail.com. Your brilliant idea might be included in next release of i-Metronome.

Current Version: v1.0

Price: FREE


Key Features:
  • Metronome with tempo range from 40 - 208
  • 3 different metronome sounds
  • Volume control
  • BMP Counter
  • Tempo saving functionality
  • Customizable button back light

Coming Soon:

  • Shake to play/stop
  • Vibrate on beat

Screen shots



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