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M. Ostyn, T. Dwyer, M. Miller, P. King, R. Sacks, R. Cruikshank, M. Rosario, D. Martinez, S. Kim, and W. H. Yeo*
A Radiotherapy-Friendly, Active Patient Positioning System for Head and Neck Radiotherapy
(in review), 2017.

Y. Lee, B. Nicholls, D. Lee, Y. Chen, Y. Chun, C. Ang, and W. H. Yeo*
Soft Electronics Enabled Ergonomic Human-Computer Interaction for Swallowing Training
Scientific Reports (Nature Group) (accepted), 2017.

S. Mishra, J. Norton, Y. Lee, D. Lee, N. Agee, Y. Chen, Y. Chun, and W. H. Yeo*
Soft, Conformal Bioelectronics for a Wireless Human-Wheelchair Interface
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 91, p 796, May 2017. [LINK] [PDF]

Y. Chen, M. Shayan, W. H. Yeo, and Y. Chun
Assessment of Endothelial Cell Growth Behavior in Thin Film Nitinol
BioChip Journal, 11 (1), p 39, Mar. 2017. [LINK] [PDF]


B. Xu, A. Akhtar, Y. Liu, H. Chen, W. H. Yeo, S. Park, B. Boyce, H. Kim, J. Yu, H. Lai, S. Jung, Y. Zhou, J. Kim, S. Cho, Y. Huang, T. Bretl, J. A. Rogers
An Epidermal Stimulation and Sensing Platform for Sensorimotor Prosthetic Control, Management of Lower Back Exertion, and Electrical Muscle Activation 
Advanced Materials, 28 (22), p 4462, Jun. 2016. [LINK] [PDF] 

C. Howe, Y. Lee, Y. Chen, Y. Chun, and W. H. Yeo*
An Implantable, Stretchable Microflow Sensor Integrated with a Thin-Film Nitinol Stent
IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conferencep 1638, May 2016. [LINK] [PDF]

M. Ostyn, S. Kim, and W. H. Yeo*
A Simulation Study of a Radiofrequency Localization System for Tracking Patient Motion in Radiotherapy
Sensors16 (4), p 534, Apr. 2016. [LINK] [PDF]

Y. Chen, C. Howe, Y. Lee, S. Cheon, W. H. Yeo*, and Y. Chun
Microstructured Thin Film Nitinol for a Neurovascular Flow-Diverter
Scientific Reports (Nature Group)6, 23698, Mar. 2016. [LINK] [PDF]

S. Mishra, D. Saadat, O. Kwon, Y. Lee, W. Choi, J. Kim, and W. H. Yeo*
Recent advances in salivary cancer diagnostics enabled by biosensors and bioelectronics
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 81, p 181, Jul. 2016. [LINK] [PDF]


W. Lee, O. Kwon, D. S. Lee, W. H. Yeo* 
Fabrication and Characterization of a Conformal Skin-Like Electronic System for Quantitative, Cutaneous Wound Management
Journal of Visualized Experiments(103), e53037, Sep. 2, 2015. [VIDEO] [LINK] [PDF] 
    - [Invited Article]

Y. Lee, W. H. Yeo* 
Skin-Like Electronics for a Persistent Brain-Computer Interface
Journal of Nature and Science, 1 (7):e132, Jul. 2015. [LINK] [PDF]
    - [Invited Review Article]

Y. Chen, B. Jankowitz, S. Cho, W. H. Yeo, Y. Chun
A novel low-profile flow sensor for monitoring of hemodynamics in cerebral aneurysm
Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, 2 (2), p 71, Jun. 2015. [LINK] [PDF]

J. Norton, D. Lee, J. Lee, W. Lee, O. Kwon, P. Won, S. Jung, H. Cheng, J. Jeong, A. Akce, S. Umunna, I. Na, Y. Kwon, X. Wang, Z. Liu, U. Paik, Y. Huang, T. Bretl, W. H. Yeo*, J. A. Rogers
Soft, curved electrode systems capable of integration on the auricle as a persistent brain-computer interface
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112 (13), p 3920, Mar. 2015. [LINK] [PDF] 
    - featured in IEEE SpectrumMedicalXpressLiberationTxchnologistBRIC.

A. Kim, C. Kim, W. H. Yeo, H. Byun
Phase behaviour of binary and ternary mixtures for the poly(methylmethacrylate-co-hexafluorobutyl methacrylate) [P(MMA-co-HFBMA)]in supercritical fluorine solvents
Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 82, p 76, March, 2015. [LINK] [PDF] 

2013 and 2014 

K. Jang, S. Han, S. Xu, K. Mathewson, G. Kim, J. Jeong, Y. Zhang, R. Webb, J. Lee, T. Dawidczyk, Y. Song, W. H. Yeo, S. Rhee, J. Chung, B. Kim, H. Chung, D. Lee, Y. Yang, R. Carbonari, J.Gaspar, M. Fabiani, G. Gratton, Y. Huang, J. A. Rogers
Rugged and breathable forms of stretchable electronics with adherent composite substrates for transcutaneous monitoring
Nature Communications, 5:4779, September 3, 2014. [LINK] [PDF]

K. Jang, S. Han, S. Xu, K. Mathewson, Y. Zhang, J. Jeong, G. Kim, R. Webb, J. Lee, T. Dawidczyk, R. Kim, Y. Song, W. H. Yeo, S. Kim, H. Cheng, S. Rhee, J. Chung, B. Kim, H. Chung, D. Lee, Y. Yang, M. Cho, J. Gaspar, R. Carbonari, M. Fabiani, G. Gratton, Y. Huang, J. A. Rogers
Fabrication Procedure for Rugged and Breathable Forms of Stretchable Electronics with Adherent and Composite Substrates
Protocol Exchange
, Jul. 10, 2014.

Figure 1.

Y. Hattori, L. Falgout, W. Lee, S. Jung, E. Poon, J. Lee, I. Na, A. Geisler, D. Sadhwani, Y. Zhang, Y. Su, X. Wang, Z. Liu, J. Xia, H. Cheng, R. Webb, A. Bonifas, P. Won, J. Jeong, K. Jang, Y. Song, B. Nardone, M. Nodzenski, Y. Huang, A. Paller, M. Alam, W. H. Yeo* & J. A. Rogers
Multifunctional Skin-Like Electronics for Quantitative, Clinical Monitoring of Cutaneous Wound Healing
Advanced Healthcare Materials3 (10), p 1597, October, 2014. [LINK] [PDF]  

J. Fan†, W. H. Yeo†, Y. Su†, Y. Hattori, W. Lee, S. Jung, H. Cheng, Y. Zhang, Z. Liu, L. Falgout, M. Bajema, T. Coleman, D. Gregoire, R. Larson, Y. Huang, J. A. Rogers
Fractal Design Concepts for Stretchable Electronics
Nature Communications, 5:3266, Feb. 7, 2014. [LINK] [PDF]
    - selected for [Research Highlights] in Nature, 506 (7489), p 407, Feb. 27, 2014.
    - featured in Physorg, Practicing Science, and others.

Y. Zhang, S. Wang, X. Li, J. Fan, S. Xu, Y. Song, K. Choi, W. H. Yeo, W. Lee, S. Nazaar, B. Lu, L. Yin, K. Hwang, J. Rogers*, Y. Huang*
Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Serpentine Microstructures Bonded to Prestrained Elastomers for Stretchable Electronics
Advanced Functional Materials, 24 (14), p 2028, April, 2014. [LINK] [PDF]

J. Jeong, M. Kim, H. Cheong, W. H. Yeo, X. Huang, Y. Liu, J. Lim, Y. Huang, J. Rogers*
Capacitive Epidermal Electronics for Electrically Safe, Long-term Health Monitoring
Advanced Healthcare Materials, 3 (5), p 642, May, 2014[LINK] [PDF]
    - selected as [Front Cover]

G. Park, H. Chung, K. Kim, S. Lim, J. Kim, Y. Kim, Y. Liu, W. H. Yeo, R. Kim, S. Kim, J. Kim, Y. Jung, T. Kim, V. Kumar, C. Yee, J. Rogers*, K. Lee*
Immunologic and Tissue Biocompatibility of Flexible/Stretchable Electronics and Optoelectronics
Advanced Healthcare Materials3 (4), p 515, April, 2014[LINK] [PDF]

J. Jeong†, W. H. Yeo†, A. Akhtar, J. Norton, Y. Kwack, S. Li, S. Jung, Y. Su, W. Lee, J. Xia, H. Cheng, Y. Huang, W. Choi, T. Bretl, J. A. Rogers*
Advanced Materials, 25 (47), p 6837, Dec. 17, 2013. [PDF]  
    - selected as [Inside Front Cover]

R. Webb, A. Bonifas, A. Behnaz, Y. Zhang, K. Yu, H. Cheng, M. Shi, Z. Bian, Z. Liu, Y. Kim, W. H. Yeo, J. Park, J. Song, Y. Li, Y. Huang, A. Gorbach, and J. A. Rogers
Ultrathin, Conformal Devices for Precise and Continuous Thermal Characterization of Human Skin
Nature Materials, 12, p 938, Sep. 15, 2013. [PDF]
    - selected for [news & views] in Nature Materials
    - featured in Discovery News, Physorg, Qmed and others.

W. H. Yeo, H. Lee, J. Kim, K. Lee, and J. Chung
Nanotip analysis for dielectrophoretic concentration of nanosized viral particles
Nanotechnology, 24 (18), p 185502, May 10, 2013. [PDF]

W. H. Yeo, Y. Kim, A. Ameen, J. Lee, L. Shi, M. Li, R. Ma, Y. Huang, J. A. Rogers
Advanced Materials, 25 (20), p 2773, May 2013[PDF]
    - selected as [Frontispiece Cover Image]
    - featured in MIT's Technology Review Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Discover, and many others. 

M. Wahab, S. Jin, A. Islam, J. Kim, J. Kim, W. H. Yeo, L. Dong, H. Chung, J. A. Rogers, M. Alam
ACS Nano7 (2), p 1299, Feb. 26, 2013[PDF]

D. Kalyanasundaram, J. Kim, W. H. Yeo, K. Oh, K. H. Lee, D. Gao, G. Cangelosi, J. H. Chung
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 405 (6), p 1977, Feb, 2013. [PDF]

2012 and Before

W. H. Yeo
, A. Kopacz, J. Kim, X. Chen, J. Wu, D. Gao, K. Lee, J. H. Chung, W. Liu
ielectrophoretic concentration of low-abundance nanoparticles using a nanostructured tip”
Nanotechnology, 23 (48), p 485707, Dec. 7, 2012. [PDF]

X. Huang
W. H. Yeo, Y. Hao, J. A. Rogers
“Epidermal Differential Impedance Sensor for Conformal Skin Hydration Monitoring”
, 7 (1-4), p 52, Dec, 2012. [PDF]

D. Kalyanasundaram, S. Inoue, J. Kim, H. Lee, Z. Kawabata, W. H. Yeo, G. Cangelosi, K. Oh, D. Gao, K. H. Lee, J. H. Chung
“Electric field-induced concentration and capture of DNA onto microtips”
Microfluidics and nanofluidics
, 13 (2), pp 217-225, Sep, 2012. [PDF]

A. Kopacz, W. H. Yeo, J. H. Chung, W. Liu
“Nanoscale sensor analysis using immersed molecular electrokinetic finite element method”
, 4 (16), pp 5189-5194, Aug. 21, 2012. [PDF]

J. Kim, W. H. Yeo, S. Soelberg, S. Inoue, Z. Shu, D. Kalyanasundaram, J. Ludwig, D. Gao, C. Furlong, G. Cangelosi, K. Oh, K. H. Lee, J. H. Chung
“Immunosensor towards Low-Cost, Rapid Diagnosis of Tuberculosis”
Lab on a chip
, 12 (8), pp 1437-1440, Apr. 21, 2012. [PDF]

H. Lee, K. Oh, W. H. Yeo, T. Lee, Y. Chang, J. Choi, K. Lee, J. Kramlich, J. Riley, Y. Kim, J. H. Chung
“Enhanced bioreaction efficiency of a microfluidic mixer toward high-throughput and low-cost bioassays”, 
Microfluidics and nanofluidics
, 12 (1-4), pp 143-156, Jan, 2012. [PDF]

W. H. Yeo
, K. H. Lee, Q. Guo, Y. Liu, X. You, J. Stamatoyannopoulos, J. H. Chung
“Ion diffusion and DNA stretching in an open nanofluidic system”
Journal of nanotechnology in engineering and medicine-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME
, 2 (1), pp 011004, Feb. 1, 2011. [PDF]

W. H. Yeo
, F. Chou, G. Fotouhi, K. Oh, B. Stevens, H. Tseng, D. Gao, A. Shen, J. H. Chung, K. H. Lee
“Size-selective immunofluorescence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cells by capillary- and viscous forces”
Lab on a chip, 10 (22), pp 3178-3181, Nov. 21, 2010. [PDF]

W. H. Yeo
, F. Chou, K. Oh, K. H. Lee, J. H. Chung
“Hybrid Nanofibril Assembly Using an Alternating Current Electric Field and Capillary Action”
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology
, 9 (12), pp 7288-7292, Dec, 2009. [PDF]

W. H. Yeo
, Y. Liu, J. H. Chung, K. H. Lee
“Size-specific concentration of DNA to a nanostructured tip using dielectrophoresis and capillary action”
Journal of physical chemistry B
, 113 (31), pp 10849-10858, Aug. 6, 2009. [PDF]

W. H. Yeo
, S. Liu, Y. Liu, J. H. Chung, K. H. Lee
“Rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cells by using microtip-based immunoassay”
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry
, 393 (6-7), pp 1593-1600, Mar. 1, 2009. [PDF]

J. G. Bai, W. H. Yeo, J. H. Chung
“Nanostructured biosensing platform-shadow edge lithography for high throughput nanofabrication”
Lab on a chip
, 9 (3), pp 449-455, Feb.7, 2009. [PDF]

Y. Liu, K. Oh, J. G. Bai, C. Chang, W. H. Yeo, J. H. Chung, K. H. Lee, W. K. Liu
“Manipulation of nanoparticles and biomolecules by electric field and surface tension”
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering
, 197 (25-28), pp 2156-2172, Apr. 15, 2008. [PDF]