Jan. 2017) Our recent work "Soft, conformal bioelectronics for a wireless human-wheelchair interface" was published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics.
Nov. 2016) PhD student, Connor Howe, received a seed grant from the Georgia Tech Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN), which was covered by the VCU Engineering NEWS.
Oct. 2016) Prof. Yeo gives an invited talk at Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine's 4th Annual Summit.
Oct. 2016) We received funding from the MEDARVA Foundation.
Oct. 2016) Prof. Yeo gives an invited talk at 2016 Electronics Packaging Symposium.
Sep. 2016) Our recent work "Assessment of Endothelial Cell Growth Behavior in Thin Film Nitinol" was published in BioChip Journal.
Sep. 2016) VCU Engineering News covered our recent grant that will develop a nanomembrane electronics.
Sep. 2016) VCU Engineering covered the ongoing research topics in our group.
Jul. 2016) Prof. Yeo was selected to receive BMES Innovation and Career Development Award.
Jul. 2016) Prof. Yeo was selected as a committee member for Emerging Technology in IEEE ECTC.
Jun. 2016) We received the CIT Fund from Center for Innovative Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia.
Jun. 2016) PhD student, Mark Ostyn, received the Best Student Paper Award at the annual meeting of Virginia Academy of Science, held in May, 2016. 
May 2016) We received the VCU Commercialization Fund
Apr. 2016) We received a collaborative research grant from The Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS). 
Apr. 2016) Anand Gandhi received the Medical Summer Research Fellowship at VCU Medicine. Congratulations!
Mar. 2016) Our recent work "Microstructured Thin Film Nitinol for a Neurovascular Flow-Diverter" was published in Nature Scientific Reports.
Mar. 2016) We received the 2016 Jeffress Trust Fund from The Medical Foundation. 
Mar. 2016) Connor Howe received the CPMT Student Travel Award to present his research at the 66th IEEE ECTC in May. Congratulations!
Feb. 2016) Our recent manuscript, entitled "Recent advances in salivary cancer diagnostics enabled by biosensors and bioelectronics" was published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics.
Feb. 2016) Prof. Yeo delivers an invited talk at the Pauley Heart Research Conference, Virginia Commonwealth University.
Feb. 2016) Our research was highlighted in the VCU Engineering NEWS and 20th Anniversary Magazine in the VCU School of Engineering.
Jan. 2016) Our recent research (Intraoral Electronics) was highlighted in VCU NEWS.